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The Team Prodigy store is officially open! Support your favorite touring players while picking up rare plastic and disc combinations with exclusive new stamps only available at 

All set on discs? Never. But we do also offer custom player logo hats, jerseys, polos, hoodies, T-shirts, and more in performance and casual options, with updated items to be released in the coming weeks.

A decade ago, Prodigy was founded by world champions who passed down their knowledge to create a better landscape for future players in the disc golf industry. That tradition has continued with current players that have taken huge leaps in their disc golf careers while using our products. 

Prodigy was the first disc golf company to offer player-friendly, guaranteed contracts, and we wanted to bring that innovative, forward-thinking spirit into the modern disc golf space and also better serve our devoted community. 

Providing players with all the tools and resources to unleash their potential.

The Team Prodigy store offers our Core Team members another opportunity to earn revenue, build deeper connections with fans, and have some of the best-looking and coolest disc golf gear on the market. Each item in the Team Prodigy store was designed and approved by the players to provide products they will also be wearing and throwing on the course.

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