Event Sponsorship

At Prodigy Disc, we believe in your event. From unsanctioned fundraisers, all the way up to PDGA National Tour Events, Prodigy Disc strives to provide you and your event with the best sponsorship opportunities, disc golf products, and service to make your vision even better. With your vision, and our decades of disc golf expertise, Prodigy Disc can help your event take flight!

As a sponsor of your event, charity, or cause, we ask that Prodigy Disc is promoted as a major sponsor in your promotions. Please include the Prodigy Disc logo on all promotions such as fliers, advertisements, websites, merchandise, etc. Also, please display our banners publicly at the event site.

Interested in having Prodigy Disc sponsor your event?

Custom Event Discs

Event Hot Stamp Discs and ProColor Full Color Discs with your event specific artwork are an excellent source of fund raising, adding a unique touch to your event. Combine that with your eligibility in the Prodigy Sponsorship Program, and you will have access to bonus reward products and promotional materials, making your fund raising efforts even more successful.

Hot Stamp

Build your event fundraising or tournament payout with Event Hot Stamp discs from Prodigy Disc! You can choose from a variety of plastics, models, and stamp colors to make your order as unique as your event.

Event Hot Stamping also makes your event eligible for the Prodigy Sponsorship Program. You can cash in your PSP rewards for bonus products and promotional materials

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