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Sale price$95.00

This subscription is excluded from promotions, discounts and all other offers.


The cut-off signup date for receiving the Q3 2024 box is July 10th, 2024.

The Q3 2024 box will begin shipping on approximately August 15th, 2024. Please note, it is possible that it may ship later than the approximated date.

This product is excluded from all discounts and promotions.

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Subscriptions can NOT be transferred to another account. That includes subscriptions purchased as a gift.

    Premium curated selections & exceptional value delivered quarterly

    Prodigy Club members get both quality and value, as each box is carefully tailored by our team to include premium items that create excitement for each unboxing. You can expect quarterly shipments for just $95 per quarter with a retail value that far exceeds the cost. Enjoy exclusive stamps and apparel, early access to new molds, and members only benefits.

    The Q3 2024 box will begin shipping on approximately August 15th, 2023. Please note, it is possible that it may ship later than the approximated date.

    The cut-off sign-up date for receiving the Q2 2024 box is July 10th, 2023.

    Made for Members

    Each box is unique and curated specifically for Prodigy Club members. Our goal is to give you access to high-quality discs, apparel, and accessories you’ll love. Subscription includes:

    • Exclusive discs and stamps
    • Exclusive accessories and apparel
    • Player signed merchandise
    • Early access to upcoming products including new molds
    • Additional members only benefits

    Benefits beyond the box

    Boxes may be delivered quarterly, but the benefits last year-round. Prodigy Club members can experience our website like no one else.
    *Not applicable on

    No more $60 limit

    Members get free shipping on all orders (within the continental U.S.)

    Never shop without a discount

    You get 10% off every single order, no matter what.

    Earn more, faster

    You’ll earn 1.5x the amount of ProdigyPoints with each purchase.


    Our Prodigy Club memberhsip program is a quaterly subscription model, where customers can sign up to receive a curated selection of Prodigy Disc products to their door once per quarter and enjoy exclusive benefits on

    Every Prodigy Club box will have a retail value that far exceeds the cost.

    Prodigy Club boxes will ship approximately on the 15th of the second month of each quarter. For 2023, this means:

    February 15th, 2023
    May 15th, 2023
    August 15th, 2023
    November 15th, 2023.

    The Prodigy Club membership program costs $95 per quarter and is billed every 3 months.

    You can also sign up for an annual membership, which includes 4 quarters for the price of $342 (10% discount).

    If you sign up for quarterly billing, your payment method will automatically be charged every 3 months, unless you pause or cancel your subscription.

    If you sign up for annual billing, your payment method will automatically be charged every 12 months, unless you pause or cancel your subscription.

    You can choose to become a Prodigy Club member at any time, however, please note that there is a 35-day cut-off window to receive the current quarter's package.

    For example: You want to sign up and receive the Quarter 1 package? You MUST sign up by the January 10th (35 days before ship date). If you sign up AFTER January 10th, you will only be eligible for the Quarter 2 package, however, you will still be able to enjoy the membership benefits immediately.

    Quarterly renewal billing takes place 35 days before each quarter's scheduled fulfillment date.

    Q1 is billed on January 11th.
    Q2 is billed on April 10th.
    Q3 is billed on July 11th.
    Q4 is billed on October 11th.

    Annual subscriptions are billed for renewal approximately 1 year after the initial sign-up date.

    Since the majority of the products that you will receive in the Prodigy Club packages are exclusive items, we need to know how many members are receiving that quarter's package in order to not over or under produce the necessary items.

    The 35-day cut-off window applies to both signing up and cancelling your subscription.

    Yes, the Prodigy Club is available to those living in Europe and internationally. However, please note that international members will need to pay for shipping costs and that membership benefits are currently only available on

    For Europeans: is now offering Prodigy Club memberships.

    Prodigy Club members with shipping addresses within the lower 48 states of the United States will enjoy free shipping.

    All other shipping locations will require shipping to paid.

    On top of receiving your quarterly Prodigy Club package, members will receive the following benefits:

    • Free shipping on all orders on, regardless of order value. (This only applies within the lower 48 states. All other shipping locations will still need to pay for shipping)
    • Automatic 10% off every order on (Not eligible with larger discount codes applied)
    • Earn 1.5x the amount of ProdigyPoints with each
      purchase on

    Prodigy Club membership benefits do not apply on or any other Prodigy Disc affiliated websites.

    To edit your existing subscription, you must create an account on our website by visiting this page. Please note: you must use the same email address for your account that you used to place your subscription. Once you create an account, login and navigate to the Subscriptions tab and click on Manage Account. You will see the option to change your shipping address or billing information.

    You can also reach out to customer service if you need any assistance.

    We do not offer the ability to skip or pause your membership. If you no longer want to be a Prodigy Club member, you will need to cancel your subscription.

    If you change your mind later on, you can always resubscribe.

    To cancel your subscription, you must have an account on our website. Please note: you must use the same email address for your account that you used to place your subscription. Once you create an account, login and navigate to the Subscriptions tab and select Manage Account, then Manage Subscriptions.

    Please note: You must cancel your subscription before the 10th of the first month of each quarter, in order to avoid being billed and receiving that quarter's package.

    For example: You want to cancel your membership before receiving the Quarter 3 package which ships on August 15th. You must cancel your subscription by July 10th. If you cancel after July 10th, you will still be charged for and receive the Quarter 3 package and will be unenrolled for Quarter 4.

    For annual memberships: 
    If you purchase an annual membership, you may cancel anytime before your subscriptions renews. Please note that partial refunds are not available if you cancel part way through your annual membership.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews

    Great item

    Chad S.
    Love the club box

    Won't ever miss a box. Amazing contents

    Best Subscription Disc Golf Box

    Absolutely love getting this box every month. They items aren’t always something I would throw but they are always unique just the same. I’ve gotten some of my favorite disc golf apparel items through this subscription.

    Value always exceptional

    The curated items in the box are always 👌

    Prior boxes had a significant delay that seems to have been remedied as I received this within a few days of estimated ship date. Great improvement!

    Shuhei K.
    Prodigy Club Putter

    It’s definitely good for throwing putters for me!
    If you can throw it, you are excited for their stability!

    Chad S.
    I love the club box

    Club box is amazing. It never disappoints and well worth the money. It's like Christmas morning 4 times a year...can't wait to get my Q2

    Tim C.

    Two weeks or more late and the content was less than satisfactory!

    A year later!!! Never Disappointed

    My wife got me this for Christmas last year and it was like getting four Christmas’s!! All the disc all the gear and stickers everything was awesome! So excited to see what the 2024 boxes bring!!!

    Chase M.
    Prodigy Club Membership Box Review

    I've been a subscriber since the beginning. The discs and items are always worth more than the price of the box. I don't regret purchasing it and will continue on my subscription.

    Steven S.
    Really Fun and a Great Value

    Great value, would recommend! I did all 4 Club boxes this year. It was a very fun surprise to look forward to 3 months. Prodigy brings their A+ quality plastic in these boxes which can go toe to toe with any manufacturer. zero flashing across the board. You love to see it

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