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Premium curated selections & exceptional value delivered quarterly 

Prodigy Club members get both quality and value, as each box is carefully tailored by our team to include premium items that create excitement for each unboxing. You can expect quarterly shipments for just $95 per quarter. Enjoy exclusive stamps and apparel, early access to new molds, and members only benefits.

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Made for Members

Each box is unique and curated specifically for Prodigy Club members. Our goal is to give you access to high-quality discs, apparel, and accessories you’ll love. Subscription includes:

  • Exclusive stamps
  • Exclusive accessories and apparel
  • Player signed merchandise
  • Early access to upcoming products, such as new molds
  • Additional members only benefits

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Benefits beyond the box

Boxes may be delivered quarterly, but the benefits last year-round. Prodigy Club members can experience our website like no one else.

No more $60 limit

Members get free shipping on all orders (within the continental U.S.)

Never shop without a discount

You get 10% off every single order, no matter what.

Earn more rewards, faster

You’ll earn 1.5x the amount of ProdigyPoints with each purchase.


Our Prodigy Club membership program is a quarterly subscription model, where customers can sign up to receive a curated selection of Prodigy Disc products to their door once per quarter and enjoy exclusive benefits on Prodigy Club packages will ship approximately on the 15th of the second month of each quarter. For 2023, this means:

February 15th, 2023
May 15th, 2023
August 15th, 2023
November 15th, 2023.

The Prodigy Club membership program costs $95 per quarter and is billed every 3 months.

You can also sign up for an annual membership, which includes 4 quarters for the price of $342 (10% discount).

You can choose to become a Prodigy Club member at any time, however, please note that there is a 30-day cut-off window to receive the current quarter's package.

For example: You want to sign up and receive the Quarter 1 package? You MUST sign up by the January 15th (30 days before ship date). If you sign up AFTER January 15th, you will only be eligible for the Quarter 2 package, however, you will still be able to enjoy the membership benefits immediately.

Since the majority of the products that you will receive in the Prodigy Club packages are exclusive items, we need to know how many members are receiving that quarter's package in order to not over or under produce the necessary items.

The 30-day cut-off window applies to both signing up and cancelling your subscription.

Yes, the Prodigy Club is available to those living in Europe and internationally. However, please note that international members will need to pay for shipping costs and that membership benefits are currently only available on

For Europeans: will be launching the Prodigy Club in Europe in 2023. So stay tuned for that launch.

Prodigy Club members with shipping addresses within the lower 48 states of the United States will enjoy free shipping.

All other shipping locations will require shipping to be paid. This will be calculated at the time of purchase and at each quarterly billing.

On top of receiving your quarterly Prodigy Club package, members will receive the following benefits:

  • Free shipping on all orders on, regardless of order value. (This only applies within the lower 48 states. All other shipping locations will still need to pay for shipping)
  • Automatic 10% off every order on
  • Earn 1.5x the amount of ProdigyPoints with each purchase on

To edit your existing subscription, you must create an account on our website. Please note: you must use the same email address for your account that you used to place your subscription. Once you create an account, login and navigate to the Subscriptions tab and click on Manage Account. You will see the option to change your shipping address or billing information.

We do not offer the ability to skip or pause your membership. If you no longer want to be a Prodigy Club member, you will need to cancel your subscription.

If you change your mind later on, you can always resubscribe.

To cancel your subscription, you must have an account on our website. Please note: you must use the same email address for your account that you used to place your subscription. Once you create an account, login and navigate to the Subscriptions tab and select Manage Account, then Manage Subscriptions.

Please note: You must cancel your subscription before the 15th of the first month of each quarter, in order to avoid being billed and receiving that quarter's package.

For example: You want to cancel your membership before receiving the Quarter 3 package which ships on August 15th. You must cancel your subscription by July 15th. If you cancel after July 15th, you will still be charged for and receive the Quarter 3 package and will be unenrolled for Quarter 4.

For annual memberships:
If you purchase an annual membership, you may cancel anytime before your subscriptions renews. Please note that partial refunds are not available if you cancel part way through your annual membership.