Prodigy Practice Bag V2 (2020 Model)

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Color: Gray Camo Ripstop
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The Prodigy Disc Practice Bag V2 returns with the Nylon Ripstop Fabric which makes it both water and tear resistant. Along with the tough new material, there are now five different color options. The Practice Bag V2 remains the best way to organize and transport your growing disc golf collection, and help streamline your practice sessions. The main compartment holds up to 45 drivers or up to 30 putters, and is easily accessed with the double zippered top. The rigid insert keeps the bag straight as you fill it up to take your discs out to the field or flymart, and no more discs scattered in the trunk of your car. The bag also has a magnetic pocket for valuables, a small insulated water bottle holder, and a padded shoulder strap along with rubber branding patches. These upgrades make this power-packed bag even more functional and comfortable, no matter how you're using it.

  • Weight: 2.0 lbs
  • Dimensions (when full): 23.5" L x 9.5" W x 9.5" H
  • Holds up to 45 Drivers or 30 Putters
  • Rigid base and disc dividers
  • Large double-zippered main compartment
  • Small insulated bottle holder
  • Magnetic accessory pocket
  • Padded shoulder strap

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Jose A.
Nice bag

Such a nice bag that I got a second one. Only color available was grey camouflage (not my usual choice) but it’s not bad looking. Feels light even with a bunch of discs in it.

Curtis H.
Working well.

I have three. I would have done small design differences but overall it works well.

Justin S.
Great design intention, surprisingly poor execution of finished product in this modern era.

As many others have mentioned on various sites, the dividers leave a lot to be desired. It's inconceivable to me how this actually made it to production, and despite all the reviews commenting on the issue, they continue to ship the bags with very poor fitting dividers with velcro that doesn't match up. The side phone pocket should be wider to fit a standard iPhone and the water bottle holder should be larger to fit a standard Nalgene, not a 500mL pollute-the-earth type of plastic water bottle. Also, the plastic clip on one end of the shoulder strap snapped off the first time I removed the strap from the bag so that was unusable. The stitching is quite shoddy and gives what could be a nice-looking bag, like your website photos, a really cheap and non-durable appearance. If the above issues were fixed, it would definitely be a really great bag. I do like the side and floor insert that provides rigidity and structure to the bag.

Nathan H.
very poor quality product

purchased this bag about a week ago from a third party vendor(reputable local disc store) I liked it at first until it ripped when loading the bag back up to go home from the first time out practicing with this bag. it ripped the entire length of the zipper all the discs came falling out and then there's me carrying a stack of 40ish discs across the park in a giant stack because the bag couldn't even be salvaged to get them back to my car. wouldn't recomend anyone buys this bag. sorry no pics of the bag I threw it in the nearest trash can so I didn't have to carry that back to my car as well.

Patrick C.
Solid bag

I picked up three of these bags to upgrade from the grocery totes I had been previously using. They are indeed an upgrade. They take less space vertically, and they make it less likely I'll over-fill a bag, meaning my discs are less likely to warp when being stored. They look great for sure. The only knock I have on them is that the velcro on the disc dividers (included with the bag to make sections for different discs) don't line up too well with the velcro strips inside the bag, so I'm not sure how well they'll end up holding on.

Russell O.
Bag and Go

Outstanding bag, great for packing discs for practice when you plan to throw a lot of discs. Great for bringing a selection of discs to tournaments when you are trying out discs to fill your bag for the tournament round.

Jordan B.

This dope V2 Bag is awesome! It holds a ton of discs! It is made well and it is a great price! I would definitely buy another

Anthony S.
V2 Bag

The V2 Bag is awesome! It holds a ton of discs! It is made well and it is a great price! I would definitely buy another.

Randall L.
It's basically a well made duffle...

But it still rules and is so easy to manage. Personally I'd love the inserts to be permanent- if it's not full they bounce around a lot.

Flow S.D.G.
Best Ever!

Prodigy has made an excellent bag to hold all of your putters, or drivers to get out in the feild and do some work! The Prodigy Practice bag V2 is lightweight, durable and comes in some great colors!

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