Custom Disc Golf Discs

Custom disc golf discs are a fantastic way to elevate your event, promote your brand, or offer a unique gift or trophy. With hot-stamping, you can create stunning, durable, and personalized designs that will leave a lasting impression. Whether for tournaments, player packs, events, promotional gifts, or trophies, custom disc golf discs are an excellent addition to any disc golf experience.

We offer custom discs in wide selection of disc models and plastic types.

About Custom Hot-Stamping & Fees

One of the most popular techniques for customizing disc golf discs is hot-stamping. This process involves using a heated metal plate with the desired design etched into it to transfer a thin layer of foil onto the disc's surface. The heat and pressure cause the foil to adhere to the disc, creating a durable and attractive design.

Hot-stamping offers several advantages over other customization methods:

High-quality, detailed designs: The precision of hot-stamping allows for intricate and detailed designs that stand out on the disc's surface.

Durability: Hot-stamped designs are highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the artwork remains vibrant and intact even after extensive use.

Wide range of colors and finishes: Hot-stamping foils are available in a variety of colors and finishes, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Hot Stamping Fees

Set-up: $90.00 USD

Re-order: $30.00 USD

Shipping: Costs vary

Additional fees may be applied for multi-foil stamps, expedited processing, or upgraded shipping.

Custom Order Details

We offer custom stamping most of our available discs and plastics. 

50 disc minimum order & 5 disc model minimum.

Please allow for a 3-4 week lead time on your custom order.

Most current Prodigy Disc models are available for Custom Hot Stamping.

Spectrum Line

Prodigy Spectrum Line discs feature our proprietary processing technique to produce a myriad of beautiful color combinations and patterns; each unique, and every one more amazing than the last. We guarantee that you will be wowed, every time you open the box. Prodigy Spectrum Line discs are produced in 400, 400G and 750G plastic and are available for custom orders to tournament directors, parks and recreation departments, disc golf clubs and teams to use for events and fundraising. Each box of 100 discs contains so many different variations that you will be sure to satisfy any and all type of buyers. The Prodigy Spectrum Line is available for custom discs only, with top or bottom stamp options available.

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Custom Disc Golf Discs: Uses and Benefits


Tournament directors can use custom disc golf discs as a way to create a sense of unity and excitement among participants. By designing discs featuring tournament logos, sponsors, or unique artwork, organizers can add a professional touch to their event and give players a memorable keepsake to commemorate their experience.

Player Packs

Player packs are often given to participants at disc golf events, and including a custom disc can make the package even more special. By offering a custom disc featuring the event's logo or artwork, players receive a functional and unique memento, which can also help build brand recognition for the event or its sponsors.


Custom disc golf discs can be used at various events, such as fundraisers, charity tournaments, or community gatherings. With personalized designs, these discs can help promote the cause, generate buzz, and attract more participants and spectators. They can also be sold or auctioned off to raise funds for the event or a specific charity.

Promotional Gifts

Companies and organizations can use custom disc golf discs as promotional gifts to create brand awareness, reach new customers, or reward loyal clients. By featuring the company's logo, slogan, or other branding elements, these discs can be an effective marketing tool and a unique gift for customers and partners.


Custom disc golf discs can also serve as unique trophies for tournament winners, club champions, or special achievements. These discs can feature the event's logo, the winner's name, or any other relevant information, offering a one-of-a-kind prize for the recipient to cherish.

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