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“One of my favorite things about the P Model OS is how hard I can throw it. It’s a very torque-resistant disc and that combined with a lot of glide and great finish will make it a favorite in the Prodigy lineup.”

Luke Humphries, Prodigy Disc Core Team

The ACE Line P Model OS from Prodigy Disc is a beadless putter with a straight flight and pronounced fade. A slimmer profile increases its usability for any hand size and promotes clean releases.

On tee shots and long approaches, the P Model OS can resist turning over at high speeds and fight wind. It can also hold a hard anhyzer line and use its overstability to finish flat out of a flex. It is similar to other P Model discs in depth and overall feel, and also exhibits the same flight characteristics.

An impressive glide, trustworthy flight, and comfortable grip make the P Model OS a must-try for anyone looking to upgrade their forehand or backhand approach options. In the Prodigy lineup, it slots in nicely between the PA-1 and PX-3.

Purple debut

Like other recent Prodigy releases, the P Model OS debuts in purple ProFlex plastic. ProFlex has a similar look and feel to the 400 plastic in our Prodigy line, featuring vibrant translucent colors, a reliable grip, and durability.

“I would use it for a ton of things, like a ‘patent pending’ shot where you have to throw a big anhyzer around an obstacle but it’s only a short distance,” explains Ezra Robinson, Prodigy Disc Core Team player. “It’s very stable so it can flex back out and go where you need it to.”

ACE Line

Prodigy Disc developed the ACE Line for more than two years before announcing the brand extension in December 2019. ACE Line is an entirely unique line of discs created with expansion into new and growing disc golf markets in mind, offering high-quality discs for all skill levels at an accessible price point.

ACE Line discs follow a similar naming system to our flagship Prodigy discs. Four categories – D Model (Distance Driver), F Model (Fairway Driver), M Model (Midrange Disc), and P Model (Putt & Approach disc) – have five potential levels of stability, including (Stable), OS (Overstable), and US (Understable), along with OS+ and US+. P Model discs are made for accuracy at close range and are elite options for short drives, approaches, and putts. 

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