2024 Prodigy Disc Signature Series

With the 2024 Prodigy Disc Signature Series we explore the Evolution of Flight and capture our players’ personalities along the journey. Players chose their own disc model and picked a soaring subject for the design based on each disc category. Players were also able to choose the exact plastic blend and visual treatment for their Signature Series discs, resulting in an eye-catching variety.

  • PA Series putt and approach models depict Prehistoric periods
  • A Series approach discs are Avian
  • M Series midranges are Mammals
  • F/FX Series fairway drivers complete the study with Flying Machines

A Postage Stamp theme showcases the wide range of airborne concepts. Stamps have a rich visual history, and the design queues and elements especially pop in custom dual-foil artwork.

Prodigy Art Director Lane Mosolf worked with illustrator Kelly "Kob" Baber to bring the stamp visions of the players to life. Baber has done other projects for Prodigy, including the "Guardian," Isaac Robinson's "Smuggler's Pursuit," Luke Humphries' "Druid," and many more commemorative pieces. 

Our pros have put their stamp on a disc and are ready to SEND IT!

The 2024 Signature Series discs drop March 22 at prodigydisc.com, prodigydisc.eu, prodigydisc.ca, and your local Prodigy retailer. Proceeds from each disc directly support your favorite touring players.

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Aidan Scott 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy PX-3 300 Fractal Plastic

Aidan chose an adaptable Ambopteryx to represent the Prehistoric Era of Flight for his custom artwork. He putts with the PX-3 and the new 300 Fractal plastic was an easy decision for his first season on the Core Team and receiving a signature disc.

The PX-3 is an overstable, beaded putter that will help players throw accurate, consistent shots. 

Cale Leiviska 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy M4 300 Fractal Plastic

Cale chose a crafty Bat to represent the Mammal Era of Flight for his custom artwork. Collectors will want to add this disc to their collections of past Signature Series M4s of Cale's, including 2022 and 2021 editions. 

The M4 is an extremely reliable understable midrange disc. It is designed for all players and flies extremely far for a midrange. The M4 will turn up when thrown hard and will then have an extra long glide and a soft straight finish.

Chantel Budinsky 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy F3 750 Spectrum Glimmer Plastic

Chantel chose an aloft hot air balloon to represent the Flying Machines Era of Flight for her custom artwork. In her first season receiving a Signature Series disc, Chantel went with a stiff plastic blend of a favored straight-flying fairway driver.

The F3 is a stable fairway driver for long, controllable flights with a mild finish. It is a great disc for all skill levels.

Ezra Robinson 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy FX-2 400 Color GLOW Plastic

Ezra chose a brigading biplane to represent the Flying Machines Era of Flight for his custom artwork. The 400 GLOW plastic variations are one of Ezra's preferred blends, as you'll see on other signature discs of his such as his "Lionguard" M4

The FX-2 is an overstable fairway driver that has a profile that provides a comfortable feel for both backhand and sidearm throwers. Crank on it as hard as you want and get a fast, straight flight with a medium finish, or scale back the power for controlled hyzers.

Harper Thompson 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy A3 300 Fractal Plastic

Harper chose a graceful Dove to represent the Avian Era of Flight for his custom artwork. This is Harper's tenth year representing the Star and his first Signature Series disc.

The A3 is an overstable approach disc perfect for strong to above-average throwers who want to avoid the possibility of their shot turning over.

Isaac Robinson 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy FX-4 400 Glimmer Plastic

Isaac chose a groundbreaking Spad XIII fighter to represent the Flying Machines Era of Flight for his custom artwork. After proclaiming the Test Run FX-4 featured in a past Prodigy Club member's box as the "best disc ever," we made a new run of the same disc for the Signature Series. 

The FX-4 is a fast, stable to slightly understable fairway driver. In flight, it will have neutral to slightly understable characteristics depending on your arm speed.

Kevin Jones 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy PA-3 300 Firm Color GLOW Plastic

Kevin chose a hatching Pterodactyl to represent the Prehistoric Era of Flight for his custom artwork. The PA-3 in 300 Firm plastic is Kevin's preferred putter, and he always likes the way the Color GLOW comes off the line. 

The PA-3 is our top-selling putt & approach disc. Aim straight at the basket and nail your putts and approaches with a laser-straight, stable flight path. The PA-3 features a beaded rim, and is a favorite for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Luke Humphries 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy A5 Special Blend Spectrum Plastic

Luke chose an inquisitive Penguin to represent the Avian Era of Flight for his custom artwork. This is the first time we have added the Spectrum visual treatment to Special Blend plastic.

The Prodigy A5 is a slightly overstable approach disc that will work in to be a straight flyer. It has a nice, smooth feel with a shallow profile and flat top, which makes it ideal for sidearm approaches. It can handle torque well and has a mild finish on the end, so it won't skip too far from where it lands.

Manabu Kajiyama 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy PA-2 300 Fractal Plastic

Manabu chose the strong and agile Dragonfly to represent the Prehistoric Era of Flight for his custom artwork. This is the fifth consecutive season Manabu has chosen the PA-2 for a Signature Series disc.

The PA-2 is designed for accurate, stable to overstable flight in all wind conditions, whether you're throwing off the tee, approaching the pin, or putting at the chains.

Väinö Mäkelä 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy A2 400 Glimmer Plastic

Väinö chose a Swan, the divine messenger between living and dead in Finnish mythology, to represent the Avian Era of Flight for his custom artwork. This year's A2, Väinö's fourth consecutive, will appeal to fans of the popular Core Team A2.

The A2 is an overstable utility disc that fills the gap between midranges and putters. It is consistent and reliable in all wind conditions and perfect for short, trick shots as well as high wind approach shots.

Will Schusterick 2024 Signature Series - Prodigy PA-5 300 Fractal Plastic

Will chose a soaring family of Microraptors to represent the Prehistoric Era of Flight for his custom artwork. He likes to throw and putt with the PA-5, and the way the Fractal visual treatment varies with every disc. 

The PA-5 is a silky smooth understable putter that will hit beautiful slow turnover lines and dead straight hyzerflips. It has a narrow feel in the hand for an easy release.

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