Introducing the Prodigy Collabs Series

The Prodigy Collabs Series is our newest venture in disc creation. The series is geared toward strengthening our relationship with team members while giving them a platform to highlight what they like in a disc while adding in a personal touch. Discs will each be personal to the player from desired flight to name and branding.

Our first two collaboration discs are with Cale Leiviska and Kevin Jones. They have been an integral part of our team, and we are thrilled to work with them on another level. Each of them has helped develop a driver that fits their game, and they had a hand in the naming and stamp design for the discs, as well.

The Falcor is our collaboration with Cale. It is an overstable distance driver that also packs in a lot of glide. It's a disc players will be able to lean on, and players with higher arm speeds will be able to get a max distance flight out of it.


The Reverb is our collaboration with Kevin. It is also an overstable distance driver but with slightly more of a finish. It will hold up on a windy day, and players will be able to see it hold a line for the majority of its flight before that trusty fade kicks in.

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