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Since Prodigy Disc began manufacturing discs in 2013, the company has produced many variations of plastic blends.

Currently, there are seven types of plastics in the Prodigy lineup you should know, which range from easier to break-in to extremely durable. There are also three visual treatments the seven types of plastics can have. These aesthetic treatments can be either solo or combined to create even more unique combinations.

Prodigy Plastic Types

Visual Treatments


What is the difference in Prodigy plastic types? Which is the best plastic?

200 Plastic

200 plastic is great for entry-level players looking to get into the game, as well as experienced players who love to fine-tune their discs by working them in just the way they like. 

The feel of 200 plastic brings a new dimension to our line-up, as it’s similar to our 300 plastic but less tacky.

Recommended For: 

  • New Players
  • Extra Practice Putters

300 Plastic

300 plastic has been developed for optimum feel and grip for putters, approach discs, and midrange discs, and would be considered our baseline plastic. The blend of materials is durable enough to take a solid impact and maintain its flight characteristics while still having the ability to be broken in with regular use. 

In addition to the standard 300 plastic, we also offer 300 Soft and 300 Firm plastic variations. 300 Soft is much more flexible, making it able to absorb more impact and produce less ground play on approach shots and putts. 300 Firm was formerly known as 350G plastic, and players looking for a clean release on putts often prefer this stiffer blend. Many professionals putt with 300 Firm plastic.

Recommended For: 

  • Putters
  • Midranges and Approach discs you want to “season” or cycle

400 Plastic

400 plastic is a premium blend of materials that is extremely durable and gives the thrower an impeccable grip, even when it is wet. It is the most popular Prodigy plastic across the entire lineup of discs. 

While 400 plastic is often known for its translucent properties, which catch the sunlight well for pronounced colors in the daytime, it can also be more opaque. 400 plastic has a stiff rim and more “pop” when you flex the center of the disc.

Recommended For: 

  • Wet conditions
  • Maximum distance drivers

500 Plastic

500 plastic is a premium blend that has a less gummy feel than 400 plastic. This provides you with an extremely confident grip and a stiffer flight plate, balancing just the right amount of flex and firmness. 500 plastic has a uniquely pearlescent finish which adds another visual element to each disc.

Recommended For:

  • Great looking discs
  • Heavy woods

750 Plastic

750 plastic is a premium blend that is similar in grip and texture to our 400 plastic but with a firmer feel. This high-tech blend of resins provides outstanding performance and predictability, and is extremely durable. 

The rigidity of 750 plastic makes it great for hot weather, as it retains a good firmness even as it heats up and becomes more pliable. 

Recommended For: 

  • Hot rounds - weather and scoring
  • Built to take a beating

AIR Plastic

AIR plastic is a premium blend based on our revolutionary 400 plastic base resin and has been modified to create durable, lightweight discs. The grip, feel, and performance of AIR plastic produce the highest-quality discs in lower weights on the market.

Lightweight discs in AIR plastic are engineered for the same shot performance as their heavier counterparts, with added glide for effortless and easy distance. Some of the best disc golf discs for beginners are lightweight, but more experienced players will also see the benefit and utility of throwing discs in a lower weight. 

Recommended For: 

  • Extra distance
  • Effortless flights

Special Blend Plastic

Special Blend plastic is a premium formulation that offers a firm yet extremely smooth feel in the hand, with high-caliber durability. Special Blend was created as an homage to the highly sought-after "Test" plastic from the early years of Prodigy manufacturing.

Special Blend plastic is reserved for special edition discs and produced in limited batches. It feels most similar to 750 plastic. 

Recommended For: 

  • Everything

Visual Effects on Prodigy Plastic


Spectrum line discs feature our proprietary processing technique to produce intricate, beautiful color combinations and patterns; each disc is unique, and each one more amazing than the last. The multicolor look often resembles tie-dye.

Spectrum discs can be produced in five types of our plastic - 300, 400, 500, 750, and AIR. It can also be combined with Glimmer in certain premium plastics to make Spectrum Glimmer discs.


GLOW line allows you to charge up your disc in light and let it glow in the dark! GLOW discs can be produced in four types of our plastic - 300, 400, 500, and 750. It can also be combined with Glimmer in certain premium plastics to create Glimmer GLOW.


Glimmer features eye-catching metal specks that have been molded into the plastic. Glimmer discs can be produced in premium blends like the 400, 500, and 750 plastic, and combined with Spectrum and GLOW treatments.

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