Special Edition Signature Series Comes In For Final Season Stretch September 29

Despite being a bit unusual, the 2020 season has provided many fun, memorable moments and is now coming down the final stretch. 

Our Core Team continues to shine on the biggest stage and push to the top of leaderboards with multiple wins on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and several more podium finishes. We can’t wait to watch them end the season with a bang, so with that comes the 2020 Special Edition Signature Series, which is full of color!

Each Core Team player has chosen a go-to mold in Spectrum to directly support their touring efforts, so all of them will have unique swirls and color patterns in a variety of plastics.

All of the discs also carry unique stamps the players had a huge part of helping to design. Thanks to Les White and our resident designer Jeremy for their help in creating these awesome designs and giving them a personal touch of each player.

Mark your calendars so don't miss this year's Special Edition Signature Series, which helps support your favorite players!


Kevin Jones - A2 300 Spectrum Plastic

If you’ve been keeping up with the Disc Golf Pro Tour, odds are you have caught Kevin Jones on some coverage. In a crazy 2020 season, Kevin continues to take strides in his game, making his way onto several feature and lead cards throughout the season while collecting two A-Tier wins and his second career DGPT title at the Green Mountain Championship. Big game like that doesn’t come without being accurate around the green (he’s tied for sixth in parked percentage on tour). KJUSA’s Special Edition Signature Series A2 in 300 Spectrum Plastic will help you do just that with its trusted stability and ability to fight the wind. Support Kevin directly with one of his signature A2s.

Matt Orum - PA-4 750 Spectrum Plastic

An avid University of Alabama football fan, Matt Orum knows a thing or two about Southern tradition. One of the lesser known ones is watching Matty O lace lines through the woods -- at least, we think so. Regardless, if you catch the multi-time podium finisher at Worlds and Southern Nationals champion with a putter in his hand, you’re about to witness a shot sweeter than a tall glass of iced tea. Those smooth lines don’t come easy, and Matt has chosen the PA-4 in 750 Spectrum as his Special Edition Signature Series disc to help get it done. His stamp also lends an homage to his father, Jim, who passed away earlier this year. Support Matt directly with one of his Signature PA-4s.

Catrina Allen - X3 500 Spectrum Plastic

Catrina Allen makes the disc work like few others can, and it continues to show itself in the results year after year. The former World Champion has yet to finish outside of sixth this season with five wins -- one on the Disc Golf Pro Tour -- and 11 total podium finishes in 14 events so far. Cat continues to trust the X3 in working her way to being one of the season leaders in Fairway Hits, and her Special Edition Signature Series version in 500 Spectrum Plastic will dazzle as much in looks as it does in flight. Support Catrina directly with one of her signature X3s.

Seppo Paju - PA-1 500 Spectrum Plastic

The King of the Forest is back and ready to conquer. Otso, the spirit of the bear in Finnish mythology represents this lord in the woods and has inspired Seppo Paju in his own conquests on the course, which have brought Finnish and European Championship titles. Seppo loves to reach for the PA-1 for accurate overstable and flex shots. His Special Edition Signature Series one in 500 Spectrum Plastic will help you rule your neck of the woods. Support Seppo directly with one of his signature PA-1s.

Chris Dickerson - FX-2 750 Spectrum Plastic

Chris Dickerson had a hand in designing the FX-2 and helped fill a nice slot in the Prodigy lineup. It has quickly become a go-to for countless players including the 2-time defending Disc Golf Pro Tour Champion himself. Chris has continued to reach for it in racking up double digit wins on the season and four top-5 finishes in his last five Disc Golf Pro Tour events, consistency that has helped solidify the Robot Chicken legend. You can crank one down the fairway yourself with Chris’ Special Edition Signature Series in 750 Spectrum Plastic. Support Chris directly with one of his signature FX-2s.

Cameron Colglazier - M3 500 Spectrum Plastic

Those in the Southeast know to be on the lookout for Cameron Colglazier, because when the Alabama pro comes to town, he’s looking for the win. Cameron, a former Southern Nationals champion, has taken six wins on the year and continues to make his mark on the disc golf world. One of the smoothest throwers in the game, you can catch him gliding effortlessly down the fairway with trusty discs like the M3. His Special Edition Signature Series comes in 500 Spectrum Plastic and offers the same, great versatility as always to help shape any shot. Support Cameron directly with one of his signature M3s.

Cale Leiviska - M4 400 Spectrum Plastic

Cale Leiviska continues to be a jack of all trades, using his talents both on and off the course to make a huge impact. Perhaps that’s why he has become synonymous with the M4, a disc that can certainly do it all. It has helped the multi-time National Tour event winner and this year’s Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship Award winner continue to be a consistent presence on the tour scene with a midrange game that is to be envied. Cale chose the M4 in 400 Spectrum Plastic as his Special Edition Signature Disc, which will serve you well on the course, but not so much in fending off a shark or two. Support Cale directly with one of his signature M4s.


Will Schusterick - A3 750 Spectrum Plastic

Will Schusterick has often credited the evolution of his game to learning touch around the basket and being able to finesse his way onto the green. Three United States Disc Golf Championships later, it’s tough to argue with the results. These days, Will is tossing the A3 when he’s looking to land by the bucket, using it both backhand and forehand. His Special Edition Signature Series A3 comes in 750 Spectrum Plastic and offers a trusted option when you’re looking for accuracy. Support Will directly with one of his signature A3s.

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