Introducing the Brand New ACE Line

Introducing the Brand New ACE Line | Prodigy Disc

by Prodigy Disc December 12, 2019

For more than two years, Prodigy Disc has worked to develop the ACE Line, a brand new line of discs created with expansion into new and growing disc golf markets in mind. The full line is designed and developed by Prodigy and manufactured in our own facility overseas.

We worked closely with top professionals in development and considered feedback from vendors, fans and players alike. The ACE Line will offer high-quality discs for all skill levels at an accessible price point.

ACE Line discs will have a similar naming system to our flagship discs, making it easy for players and vendors to understand and tailor to their skill set or customers. Each disc will fall into one of four categories--D Model (Distance Driver), F Model (Fairway Driver), M Model (Midrange Disc) and P Model (Putt & Approach disc)--and each category is planned to have five levels of stability. Different stabilities will include S (Stable), OS (Overstable) and US (Understable), along with OS+ and US+.

The ACE Line will feature two plastics, BaseGrip and DuraFlex. The first discs will be released in BaseGrip Plastic, a base level plastic similar to our 300 and 350G Plastics. BaseGrip offers a sure grip in all weather conditions and finds a great balance between stiffness and the ability to wear-in to perfection. It will be a highly cost-effective option that still offers incredible quality. DuraFlex provides a good premium plastic option that is durable enough to stand the test of time and the elements while still providing excellent grip. Be on the look out for more weight options to come as well.

We are introducing the ACE Line with 4 new discs: the D Model S, F Model S, M Model OS, and P Model S, all in BaseGrip Plastic. Prodigy pros such as Seppo Paju and Chris Dickerson have already taken an instant liking to some of these models adding them to their bag! Chris used the P Model S during his back-to-back Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship win at the end of this season. This lineup of discs will be a great introduction to the new line, offering players a range of discs to try.


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