Introducing 300 Soft Plastic with Special Edition First Run November 29 | Prodigy Disc

Feedback is important to us, whether it comes from players, dealers or fans. In our recent customer and fan survey, the most requested new plastic-type was one that is soft and flexible while still being extremely grippy. With that, we have developed our new 300 Soft Plastic.

As its name suggests, it is a less firm version of our popular 300 Plastic that offers a different feel for players while maintaining the same key qualities, such as being durable enough to withstand what the course throws at you but also being able to break in over time.

For our first run of the plastic, we will have a Special Edition run in our full line of putters. Each disc will have a big Prodigy star on top and a special bottom stamp to note the first run. All four putter models will be available in black, gray, or white. 300 Soft Plastic will be a great option for players who like a more flexible feel to go along with a trusty grip, and it comes at the perfect time for cold weather rounds. 

Be sure to grab one in our shop on November 29th @ 12:00 PM EST or at your favorite Prodigy retailer.

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