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Our disc golf gift guide

Shopping for the holidays can be challenging, especially if you're buying for a discerning disc golfer. Our Prodigy Holiday Disc Golf Guide has everything you need to shop for the disc golf player in your life and every price range. Some of the best disc golf gifts are inexpensive and unique, whether you're looking for a brand-new disc golf polo or a disc golf target for at-home practice sessions.

Prodigy Disc has approved and curated these disc golf gifts. We know what to recommend for every type of player.

Disc Golf Gifts Under $35

There's no reason to break the bank to find a gift perfect for the disc golf course.
A new Prodigy Insulated Water Bottle with double-wall vacuum insulation technology will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. For added convenience, it also comes with a straw lid for quick and easy drinking. Like the new casual and affordable Ascent Disc Golf Backpack, our water bottles fit perfectly in our disc golf bags.

To look good on and off the disc golf course, a Prodigy Momentum Polo and a Prodigy Five Panel Cap or Vintage Corduroy Hat can complete the entire look. A more performance-oriented piece of headwear, such as the Prodigy Flex Cap, will also do the job.

Of course, remember the possibilities when customizing a disc golf bag. Our collection of Bag Patches can allow you or your gift recipient to add flair to your bag or backpack. Proudly rep your home state and loyalty to Prodigy or tell everyone how much you love disc golf.

Disc Golf Gifts for Beginners

We have plenty of great options if you're buying a gift for a new disc golf player. 

Prodigy Disc is proud to offer many lightweight disc golf discs in many of the company's most popular molds. Some of the best disc golf discs for beginners are lightweight. Still, more experienced players will also see the benefit and utility of throwing distance, hybrid, fairway drivers, and midrange discs in a lower weight.

Nobody likes losing a new disc, so grab a Prodigy Disc Retriever Tool. Choose between a 10-foot or 14-foot telescopic stainless steel pole, which makes it easy to reach those tricky spots on the course and to store away when not in use. Each retriever has two additional attachments to help with even the most challenging situations.

Speaking of new discs, Mystery Boxes are a great way to build out a bag and try out new disc models on your Prodigy Mobile Disc Golf Practice Target Set. And there's the added benefit of saving money when buying multiple discs simultaneously. 

Play Like the Disc Golf Pros

Isaac Robinson had a fantastic 2023, winning his first career Major title at the PDGA Champions Cup in April and following it up late summer in Vermont by capturing the PDGA Professional World Championship. In honor of the achievement, we released special edition Archive midranges, Isaac's first Prodigy Collabs Series disc, which was also released this season, and World Champion gear

The Prodigy Apex Disc Golf Backpack delivers compact performance without sacrificing comfort for capabilities. The streamlined version of the Apex XL Disc Golf Backpack still carries up to 20 discs and has ample storage for tournaments and long rounds.

Unique Disc Golf Gifts

Get someone a unique disc golf gift that will surprise them.

A Prodigy Club membership can be purchased with a single box or a yearly option. Members enjoy exclusive stamps and apparel, early access to new molds, and members-only benefits. 

For a more immediate box to open, a 3-Disc Ultra-Premium Misprint Mystery Box is one of the best ways to get your hands on our unique and highest-quality premium plastic discs at a significantly discounted price. These discs are from recent limited production runs with no flight-altering plastic flaws but a minor aesthetic flaw. 

If your disc golf player is focused on improving their game, a Prodigy Shoe Bag will be helpful to transport playing shoes to and from the practice field and course. It is also a Prodigy Practice Bag, capable of carrying up to 45 discs in a sturdy and accessible duffle. 

Are you a fan of hockey? Our NHL Collection features all 32 team marks (and some Vintage Hockey) on some of our most popular disc models. It's a perfect and unexpected gift. 

Gift Cards

Of course, if shopping for your loved one is a challenge, you can't go wrong with a digital or physical Prodigy Gift Card. Alternatively, spring for a Prodigy Club Membership. This quarterly subscription box contains a selection of expertly curated, premium disc golf goodies, such as exclusive discs and stamps, exclusive accessories and apparel, player-signed merchandise, early access to upcoming products, including new molds, and even more members-only benefits.

Tips for Deciding What to Get for a Disc Golf Player

When shopping for a holiday gift for a disc golf player, consider these tips to find something they'll truly appreciate:

  • Know their skill level: Beginners may appreciate starter sets or instructional books. At the same time, experienced players might prefer specialty discs or accessories.
  • Check their bag: You can gain insight into their preferences by peering at their disc golf bag or asking about their favorite discs and accessories.
  • Consider disc selection: If you need clarification on specific discs, consider gift cards, allowing them to choose them based on their preferences and playing style.
  • Explore accessories: Disc golfers often appreciate accessories that make their rounds more enjoyable. Think towels, mini markers, and disc retrievers.
  • Personalize it: Add a personal touch, such as custom-stamped discs with their favorite designs or names or engraved accessories like bag tags or mini markers.
  • Look for novelty items: For a fun and lighthearted gift, consider disc golf-themed mugs, keychains, stickers, or wall art.
  • Bundle gifts: Create a themed gift basket with various disc golf-related items, such as discs, snacks, hydration bottles, and a towel.

If you still need to decide what to get, ask other disc golfers for advice or consult knowledgeable staff at disc golf retailers for recommendations. Considering all these suggestions, you'll find a holiday gift that will bring joy to any disc golf enthusiast.

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