5 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box

The 5 disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on unique, one of a kind, misprint or seconds discs at a greatly discounted price! These discs have no flight altering flaws in the plastic, but either had an aesthetic flaw in the stamp or theplastic,or were used for stamp set-up. Some discs may also have the wrong stamp on them. These stamps range from limited edition designs, production stamps, and custom stamps.

Each box includes 5 discs, varying in plastic types, weightsandmodels. We will do our best to provide a balanced assortment of Putt & Approach Discs, Midranges, Hybrids, and Drivers.

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Maxwel P.
    Mostly base plastic

    Mostly base plastic, discs received are lower value than paid for overall. Not totally disappointed, got a cool D3 and FX-2. Maybe I drew the short straw this time around, disappointed with this one.

    Taichi T.
    Love the mystery boxes!

    These are always the best bang for your buck! Highly recommend getting them if you can!

    Great assortment of discs

    I lucked into getting a couple molds that I had been questioning buying anyhow, and got some great plastic (1 in 400, 2 in 500, 1 in 750, 1 350).
    I received:
    X3, Dickerson FX2, M4, KJUSA A2, Paju PA1
    I would definitely buy again (even though I really shouldn’t)

    Brandon B.
    Love these discs!!!

    First time snagging one of these and I instantly fell in love. The H3, D4M, and FX2 are SOLID additions to my bag. Will definitely add more prodigy discs to my lineup.

    Joshua C.
    Another Great Mystery Box

    My second mystery box from Prodigy. It did not disappoint and great for trying new discs. Cool misprints.
    500 PA-1
    300 A2
    500 X3
    400 H3
    750 FX2

    Great as always

    Been happy with every prodigy mystery box

    Eric S.
    Great stuff!

    Really liked what I got in my box. I got 500 plastic misprints in PA-1, M4, H4, X3, and 300 plastic in A2. It was a great mystery box. Will buy again!

    Jordan P.
    Such a great box!

    I was so extremely pleased with the whole mystery box experience. All of my requests were met, both mold and plastic type, and the discs were fantastic. It felt like Christmas morning when my box arrived.

    500 FX2
    200 Pa-3
    400 Glow Pa-3
    400 D3
    400 D3

    Worth it!

    I had missed several opportunities to purchase a Prodigy mystery box. Once I saw this one, I jumped on it and am so glad I did. I purchased the 5 disc mystery box and received a good range of discs from putters to distance drivers. I'll definitely consider this in the future and advise fellow disc golfers to do the same.

    Great value.

    I got a little unlucky snagging 3 putters but still can’t beat 10$ a disc.