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Ezra Robinson joined Prodigy Disc in 2016 and is currently on the Core Team, having been promoted to the top tier of support in 2021.

One of Georgia’s own, Ezra is one of the youngest players to ever qualify for a United States Disc Golf Championship when he played in 2018 as a 16-year-old, and won the 2016 PDGA Junior World Championship in the 15 and Under Junior II division. As a professional, he’s captured the 2023 Jim Palmeri's 50th American Flying Disc Open Disc Golf Pro Tour Silver event, 2020 Southern Nationals Disc Golf Championship, two Hotlantas, and had numerous top 25 finishes.

What is Ezra Robinson's Playing Style?

“I am a right hand, backhand dominant thrower; my forehand is a work in progress,” says Ezra. “I've built my bag for a straight to slightly overstable backhand throwing style, with discs that also give me the turnover option, like my flippier M4 midranges. My neutral-flying fairway and distance drivers allow me to manipulate the disc on hyzer and anhyzer angles to get the flight I am looking for.”

Ezra and his older brother, 2023 World Champion Isaac Robinson, have been winning tournaments in the Atlanta metro area since they were teenagers. You can support Ezra by visiting his Team Store.

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