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Upshot Gem

The FX-S flies with a bit less Glide than the F2 and has the same ultra predictable Fade for Hyzer Upshots it cannot be beat. Rarely does it glide past the basket and give you that tester putt that we all detest so much, something nice about picking up a disc setting right under the Basket!

500 H4V2

Just what I was hoping for. Super easy to get on a hyper flip forehand. The swirls are beautiful and grip is great.


Loving the color of this mini! A very helpful marker

This thing rips

I am able to bomb this D2 further than any other disc. It's a blast to through. The 400G plastic is so gummy and feels so good in the hand. Love this and will be getting more.

This color is soooo slick

Everyone that has seen me throw this disc has asked "What was that?". The black is succulent and it flies exactly how an M2 is billed. I've personally said "I'm so glad I bought that disc" multiple times since bagging it.

My main putter

Bought a few but they were a little softer plastic than the other color but still hit the chains

500 H4v2

Absolutely beautiful. Feels and flies amazing.

Great midrange

This M4 is awesome. I love using it for anhyzer approach shots. When throwing it with moderate power it will turn right out of you hand (RHBH). It's a little touchy but it also flies far when released at the correct angle.

Love the glimmer

This glimmer is beautiful domey and flies to the true to flight chart. Stamp was kick butt also

True to its flight characteristics

I love the D3s with all my heart. Beat it in and you can have an understable driver that doesn't fight back with too much aggressive cut. Right out of the box it's a bit more stable, but with the low fade it will have a spot in everyone's bag.

Great retriever

Works great light and rigid.

Good putting putters

The PA 3 is a good putting putter which is what I was looking for. The 300 plastic has a nice grip to it. I feel like I can get good velocity on my putts but if they miss they don't fly too far.


Trustworthy stability even in a headwind. Can always count on this thing to fade,

3 Disc Mystery Box
Brennon S.
Best box yet

I have been slowly making all my disc in brand and prodigy was the one I went with. The box helped get three disc in my bag so I could get a feel for something. Also came with an awesome looking fx-2 that is now my go to fairway.


I definitely agree that I was not expecting such a soft plastic. I came into purchasing this for straight forehands but it is a GREAT disc for big spikes that you need to not move once they hit the ground. Has a great flight and feels great in the hand.


These discs are what they say they are.... Reliable flight and comfortable in the hand. The molds look to be identical as well which makes this a 5-star from me.

The best affordable bag you'll ever buy

This bag has every basic feature you would need in a basic disc golf bag at a tremendously low price point. Its lightweight design is easy to carry and really nice for the average golfer. The only setback that I have experienced is that its ability to stand up when set on the ground is lackluster at best due to its lack of framing inside the bag. Buy this bag. It is wonderful.

Great beefy os disc

I love to pull this out on sharp ties or for a nasty s line forehand I wish it was a little bit more flat then round but it’s beefy for a reason 😂

Permanent Location in the Bag

A great approach putter. The plastic is not like any other -- smooth to the touch but grippy when power gripped. Nice consistent strait flight with a slight fade (recreational player). Long glide -- I tend to overthrow it since it is so smooth so I am working on dialing it in. May try to get a base grip and it could be a replacement putter for my putter which is getting hard to find. Definite choice for edge of circle 2 strait putt. The glow is a bonus -- I got the awesome green version.

Love it

It flies great!


Ever wish your A4 could go the distance? Well here you go, a beautifully straight with reliable finish mid range. Need i say more?

Amazing disc/charity

I like what you are doing, and the disc is awesome

Flip City

Flippy and grippy. Just as I was hoping for.

Controllable distance

Feels great and flies far straight with a bit of low speed stability