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New favorite disc

Straight with stable finish, super reliable and a great stamp


Flies more like a base D4 but can get some bombs and it's a cool stamp


Great stamp on a super beefy run


Flies exactly like an M2 should with great art

Great first bag

I have used this for over a year now. It has been great for me. At this price point, you really can't beat it imo. I don't even know if I would ever get another back. If anything, I would probably get a cart. I will always need a bag like this for courses where you can't use a cart. So far, this bag has no issues. I was worried about possible tearing at seams because I am always picking it up and setting it down but after one year, it seems to be doing great. Something I would change though is that I would like to possibly make to water bottle pockets adjustable. They stick out quite a bit and it would be nice to have a slimmer bag profile. Just my $.02.

My go to

My go to for putting now. I have been putting with these for over a year now. I also have some in 400,500, and 700 that I throw. I really like the feel. Not too deep or shallow. There is that really small bead. I don't like the big bead but these are not too noticeable. I have tried over 20 putters and these are the ones that I liked best.

Must try

It is such a fun disc to throw. You can shape a lot of shots with it once it beats in as well. For me, it doesn't seem to handle power and wind. One or the other but both and it will have trouble. It is a great disc if you only want one driver in your bag for those shorter rounds. Pick one up.

Outstanding mystery box!

I am always hesitant with mystery boxes. This was my first from Prodigy, and it exceeded expectations: 3 putt/approach discs, 2 midrange, 2 fairway drivers, and 3 distance drivers, all with varying degrees of stability. Price is great as well, I would definitely get again.

Starter set

I think it was a really good box for someone who is looking to try out more prodigy disc, especially premium plastic

Excellent value

Excellent value and a great variety of disks. I received 2 distance drivers, some fairways, mid ranges and putters. I think the misprints look pretty cool! I even got a couple glow disks! I will purchase again.

Gully Bridges Disc Golf Training Grounds throwing some Prodigy putters.

Here at Gully Bridges Disc Golf Training Grounds, a variety of discs are available to practice with, and we’ve just added Soft PA3s and PA4s.
Nice flight control on forehands and backhands as well as putting.
J. #14268
2022 MP65 World Champion

Very cash money

These are great to throw for a nice turn over backhand that holds the whole way, hyzer flips and also great for longer putts. The plastic is fantastic feeling.

A great disc for upshots

I love the M2 for upshots. For me, it flies with a slight hyzer to right where I want the disc to land.

Hole in Seam

Beautiful and comfortable shirt, but hole in right side seam on only second wear, light activity.

Like good job on ustom name love it

Working well.

I have three. I would have done small design differences but overall it works well.

This is an amazing club

Would highly recommend. I’ve gotten both boxes so far and I’ve been shocked at how great the club membership box is.

Fast Service for Custom Item

I ordered a two discs and custom bag banners and the order was processed quicker than the time promised. I was really pleased with the quick service especially since it included a custom item.

Great putters

I bought 2 and I’m so glad a did, I don’t think I’ll ever put with anything else. Definitely worth it

Great disc!

I bought this for my wife and it's the farthest disc she currently bags, she absolutely loves it

Mystery box

My favorite purchase is always the mystery box from Prodigy. I have purchased several and it always a great buy.

Great new disc for turnovers

So far the disc holds a gliding turnover, and great for forehands

Great Control driver

Not as under stable as I was expecting but great straight flier with a tad bit of fade at the end. Has a great opportunity to beat into to a very good disc.

D1 air

I love this disc! I can forehand it with 70% power and get a nice 350+ feet out of it.

Sweet disc.

Flippy and fast. Very fun to throw and easy distance