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Great basket for the price

I love this basket for practice in the yard. It’s easy to set up and take down and it’s portable anywhere I want it to be it’s there. The chains catch a lot.

My only complaint is that my basket base came bent. But it doesn’t effect the basket hardly at all.

Great disc and cause

I bought it to support the cause and can't wait to throw it is spring

Great disc, great cause

Did I need more PA3s? No not even a little bit. But I have them and it was a great cause. The disc is perfect.


It’s the classic 300 Pa3 with a nice stamp and donation to a great cause. No better way to spend money!

Lovely Fundraiser, Lovely Disc

Love this disc mainly for the cause that it backs. I don't throw it as much as my PA-3 soft plastic. Mainly it is a harder plastic and feels heavier than the soft. I'm still learning to throw the base plastic consistently. PA-3's are becoming a favorite approach disc of mine, so if you have the opportunity to buy one, they are sick.

Pa-3 300 Big Star Stamp

Love these discs. The pa3 is the best putter in the game without question!! Prodigy always takes care of their customers and has insanely fast shipping. Cannot wait to get back out on the course!!


Probably hands down the best bag for the price. And that's not even including the incredible design and colors, super bag and would highly recommend!


Extremely reliable putting putter! One that you can keep on hyzer and know it will hit the target. As it gets older its beginning to hold more glide and really keep a longer flight before dumping.

X4 750 spectrum

Great feel with the 750 spectrum plastic and durable! The X4 is understable and has nice distance being from the X series. The spectrum colors are awesome as well!


These are the best fitting hats I’ve ever had.

Flys great.

Plastic isn’t very durable is my only complaint.


the x4 I recently received was amazing. the colors absolutely blew me away.

A4 smokeshow

Sick Spectrum Blurple!

Love the bag

I bought this bag and only a few disc but holds everything i need for the game have played in the rain with it keeps in side dry but out side holds water for a day or so to dey in super wet conditions

some beautiful spectrum discs solid plastic good hybrid driver

So sweet

These things came in soooo sweet. Nice swirls, matching pair, shipped quick, and the 300 plastic is sooo grippy


Amazing putt and approach. Leave this disc a little wide and be confident it will fade a bit when you need it to

Bug star puter

Great disc feel perfect in the hand and is going to be a staple in my bag

Great Putter

I love the plastic, gives a little more grip than the 400 that I like in my drivers. The mold works well with my form and grip. Great for approaches as well as putts.

h3v2 review

I love the v2 H series and this disc did not disappoint. The description says it has a reliable flip and then holds its line. It does just that. When I start it on a slight hyzer it is always consistent for me. I haven't even mentioned how it looks. The swirls and the stamp were great. I also love the 500 plastic. It beats in slowly and holds its flight much longer. Thanks prodigy!

Stroke saver

Pa-3 300 been good to me. Less rollaway with the Pa-3 300.

Loving this disc!

Really loving this disc, I can throw it with a little hyzer angle and it flips up to flat with very little turn with a consistent fade. This thing has some sweet glide to it!

I’m liking this one!

I’m really liking this A4. I can get a bit more distance out of this, over my driving putters. (RHBH Envy, and my Atom are consistently 250-280’) this just get’s it up there a touch more...flies and works as intended! Compliment’s my A2 perfectly. Well done Prodigy!

Can't beat 400 plastic

First off, all plastic should be Prodigy 400 plastic. Can't beat the feel and flex, IMHO.

The F2 flies true and doesn't require much arm speed to get a good flight path. Good for technical lines or beginners. Great disc all around.

Good timing

I'm so happy I got this bag right before my move. It became the perfect bag to check out new courses, and also if I'm traveling I'll use this instead of my cart. Great product, holds together well and stands up while you throw. I've had other bags that fall over everytime you put them down.