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Best bang for your buck!

I've had several of these molds thought the years and, in my experience, it is the most reliable overstable distance driver I have thrown. A well-seasoned and beat up D1 (especially in the 400 plastic) will give you a slight to moderate turn for absolute bombs. this disc is a must have for every prodigy fan.


I have every d2pro that has been released and they are ridiculously over stable ,but the d2pro AIR is the best of both! It gives me the confidence and distance of the (og) d2 with the stability of the d2pro ! Plus the feeling of the 400ish plastic is second to none! Me and my wife are long time Prodigy fans and will always be!

Good flight

Lhbh RF nice and smooth and consistent flight it is my go to for sure. It will fade right with regular power and will do a easy left right fade with a power throw.

I was wanting to get one of these as a gift for a friend. He had been searching for a specific color/stamp combination. One of your team members named Will, was kind enough to go out of his way, to the warehouse, and send me a few pictures of the options available. I ended up buying more than anticipated! A personal thanks, give that man a raise!

It fits!

I bought this with low expectations. Because I'm 6'6", finding something that fits the body AND arm length is almost impossible unless ordered in a "tall" size. I ordered a large and was more than pleased with the fit. Arm length is perfect, even some room to spare, without swallowing me around the torso. Material is not restricting whatsoever and I cannot recommend this enough. Very well done!


You never go wrong with this bag. It’s copied twice for a reason. Finally we got the pound/squatch bag in Europe😁

Not as good as it looks

It looks good on pictures. But it’s so unstable and baggy. I don’t recommend this bag.

FX-2 is #1

Best fairway driver. I love it for forehand and backhand. Very reliable straight flight for me.

Not as flippy as some of the 400g runs. Can throw this disc on hyzer get some good flip up with some fade at the end. Great disc over all. The F3 is my go to fairway!

Prodigy FX-2 500 Plastic (Second)
Solid disc

Great disc, dependable fade. Excellent for flex shots.

Great for slower arms

Great feeling plastic but is way too under stable for me. For reference I can throw on average 375-450ft on a good day and this is an instant roller disc out of the box. Fits a slot I didn’t have in my bag so I’m satisfied!

The Best Midrange

Far exceeded my expectations of a midrange disc.

Plastic: The Pro Flex plastic is absolutely amazing. It has a nice tacky feel in the hand giving a consistent grip and release on every throw.

Shape: I personally love the feel of this disc in the hand. This disc replaced my Buzz in my bag and I hit an Ace with the M model US a week later.

Flight: I know every disc is different but this thing flies true to its numbers. Great glide that actually glides, a slight high speed turn when thrown flat with power, and a smooth straight to slight fade finish. Put it on a hyzer to ride a long slow fairway turn or put a touch of anhyzer and it will hold the line you put it on.

No other putter

This is one of the best putters in the game

Best throwing putter

This disc is money for approach shots and off the tee

Great towel

Better at drying discs than most towels!

Prodigy BP-1 V3 Backpack
Great bag for a great price

The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is because of the frustrating assembly. Other than that it is great! They even replaced my bad when the stitching in the shoulder straps broke.

New Favorite Disc

I won this disc in a ring of fire at an unofficial tournament near my house. At first it was super stable but pretty soon it beat in to the perfect firebird/raptor type of disc for me. I can trust it forehand and back hand and it always flies smoothly. Just bought a second one as a backup/cycle disc because I throw it on about a third of my drives.

Hyzer flip machine

I got real unlucky with my mystery color being green, but now that fall/winter is here I can break this M4 back out. I always bag multiple M4's in different plastics with varying levels of stability.

Fun Approach Disc

Great approach disc for side arm and back hand, fun to throw and a great addition to my bag.

Great circle 2 putter

Perfect disc for circle two putting and approach shots, it has definitely improved my longer putts.

Never disappointed

So much value here!


These discs are so fun to rip

Awesome disc and Gannon is the man! Love the way this thing flys

Awesome bag!! Been using prodigy bags for years now and this one is the best.

A little flippy!

The run of X2 I got must’ve been maybe a bit different…quite flippy for me, and I have even used this disc for rollers. I was disappointed with the stabile since I wanted it for headwinds but it works for other shots regardless.