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Lower your arm power!

I have to throw with quite a bit of spin for my regular fx2 to fly. This lighter version took a little getting used to. Great for low wind situations.

Less stable X3- great stamp

Better for low wind situations, this disc is less stable and can turn easily. I bought this just for this reason. The distance speaks for itself.

Great shirt

Great fitting shirt decal is not that bad you can still see the prodigy log fine


Need this in 400G, stat! One of my new favorite discs, backhand or forehand.

Awesome disc

The X3 is my go to driver, and the Air plastic is awesome. This disc is a home run for me.

Amazing Putter

Since I’ve switched to the PX-3 my putting has gotten so much better. It feels clean out of the hand and holds any line you put it on. Doesn’t drop too fast and glides really well

Prodigy D2 Pro AIR Plastic
William O.P.#.1.
D-2 is my go to driver

I'm learning more and using more the anhyzer drive with the backhand. I've needed this in my game and the D2 is the driver to do this. It also is my go-to sidearm distance thrower for me to. This is a must in any bag. I love how easy it is to buy discs from Prodigy. The lower the # the more the fade!

Poor Quality

I’ve been using this bag for just under 3 months and the stitching on the putter cover zipper is pulling apart. Nice lightweight and waterproof bag, but poor craftsmanship.

Glide, glide, glide

I recently started throwing X3s. I picked this one up and my first impression was it felt great in the hand. When I threw it, I had to put it on hyzer but it just kept going. I use it on uphill drives that I need the extra distance or tail wind drives. Great disc!

Best Shirt For the Money

For the price, can’t be beat. Beautiful and comfortable shirt and the flaw was instantly fixed with one wash. Must buy!


Awesome new disc and great feel! Love this plastic and the flight reminds me of kind of an f5 but way more glide and super easy to throw!

AMs will love it!

If you like the F5 but want something that can handle more spin then here you go. Flies very straight for AMs like me!

500 is my favorite d2

They start off stable but as they beat in make a really great floppy driver. 500 d2 is the most consistent driver I’ve ever thrown. Very far flying with great control.

Pleasantly Surprised

I've tried other mids from other manufacturers but always seem to quickly stop reaching for them. Can't say the same for the 400G M4. I can really trust this disc to hold a line. I'm happy any chance I get to use it.

PA-3 200

I love the way this disc flies, and the feel of the 200 Plastic is amazing. I have no problems with this disc, besides that it can take damage a little easier than other discs I've owned. Otherwise, best putter I've owned so far.

The model

PA3’s are in the top 3 for me of all time putters. This run does not disappoint. Perfect for the winter months yet still firm enough to maintain consistency when spin putting. Big fan!


Incredible as always. Love these mystery boxes. Unique stamps and weights. You won’t get this stuff in your local shop!

Great Bag!

I've had this back for a few months and I love it! Great size with plenty of storage for discs. There are plenty of pockets to put other stuff like your minis, car keys, towels, etc. The material is high quality and water resistant. A very good bag for the price. Would recommend.

Great addition to the fairway driver line

This model is only slightly less stable than the fx3. I have decided to keep this disc in my bag since I can rely on a less stable speed 9 for a variety of shots.

A fine bag- confused when ordering

This lightweight bag holds everything I need and feels durable. I intended on ordering the star design on the Schusterick bag but must have just added the regular charcoal to my cart. Please make sure to click the correct button when ordering. I like Will.


Really nice edge, and dome shape. Love this disc! Nice glide to it.


This disc is a great throwing putter, very stable, very reliable. It just wants to float right to the basket! Had to commemorate his first pro tour win. Let's go Gannon!!

Nice control driver, got one for my 5 and 7 yo also because of the weight, added 20 yards to their drives.

Great Disc!

The A2 is such a great mold. It’s a super consistent flight and very easy to shape shots with as well.
Definitely a staple in my bag.
And this limited edition stamp looks fantastic!

Decent basket but quality lacking

It catches fine. Looks good and has great mobility with the wheels attached to the base. Over the last couple weeks the welding around one of the rings has detached and the links within are now falling out once a round of practice. There are at least 3 other rings no longer connected, but not to the degree as the one pictured and I've only been using it for 2 months.