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I asked for throwers and received.

These guys hooked it up! For this box I asked for some discs that I throw in certain colors and they sent what I asked for! All of the plastic was high quality as well. Very impressed with this order and will be getting another or 2 soon.

Great marker

This is a nice quality mini marker disc, will be my go to from now on

Mystery box

These mystery boxes never disappoint!!!

Under stable but not really under stable

I like this disc and I get a lot of distance with it but to be honest, my X3 is more under stable than my X4. I'm still breaking it in but I don't think it's going to change much. At full power thrown slightly hyzer it will stand up and turn mid flight and then it will always have a very strong fade at the end. A good disc but I have other discs that do the same flight. I wanted that under stable disc that doesn't come back as strong or at all.

The best.

I love all of the As Prodigy makes. That being said, the A3 is the best for accuracy as it is very predictable. After being slightly broken in it goes straight as an arrow and then fades hard. The more it gets broken in the more distance it will get. I mainly use the A3 as a forehand 'off the tee' throw for short holes. Full power forehand for me goes about 400ft with a distance driver. With the A3 at full power I get around 300ft/320ft.
If you are a beginner, go with the A4 in 300 plastic instead of the A3. If you do not have a lot of power the A3 will be very over stable.

Lots of distance for a mid

I have all of the Prodigy mids and this one can really take some power! I can throw this with full power and it will not turn over, even in headwind. I can get extra distance with this one compared to the M3. It's a bit more over stable at the fade compared to the other over stable mids and it will skip pretty far to the left if thrown low/med hight. I think that mainly has to do with the plastic though. Nice 'off the tee' mid.

Great forehand disc

This disc is very over stable at first but after about 20 throws it will fly very straight and then have a very hard hook fade.
I have a 400ft forehand with my distance drivers. I can throw this thing with full power and know it will go straight and not turn over at all, even in strong headwind.
I can get about 300ft of forehand distance with this disc. I wouldn't consider it a disc for distance. It's for a specific line on a short hole.

Ace Runs Galore

First round with it I hit the cage on 1 hole and buzzed it on another.

My new putting putter?

I think this may be my go-to from now on.


This filled a spot in my bag I didn't even know existed.

Are these the retooled ones?


These misprint big star pmus are fantastic feel really good in the hand

Prodigy 17 disc backpack

Excellent very comfortable and cool looking backpack. I’m finally in the disc bag club.

Decent Disc

Love the stamp, would love to see more red panda/ fan designed discs, however either I have lost all my power or this disc is more stable than the numbers say. Still a cool disc to just show some friends

Reluctant at first, but can't get enough now

Bought a couple of these when they first came out but didn't really like it as a throwing or putting putter...but after multiple putting practices with both the PA3 (my go to putter for years) and PX3, I noticed my percentages of makes were about 10% higher with the PX3. After more putting practice with the PX3 and increasing my makes even more, I finally made the switch. The PX3 is also a good throwing putter for some situations, but I still prefer a 750 Spectrum PA4 for a straight throwing putter.

Love the new changes

My mold came a little bit more domey than some of my other D2s, very stable, great flyer, great disc!

The plastic feels amazing. Looking forward to throwing this disc

Great Christmas Gift

Great Christmas gift from the wife this year! She doesn’t play but she supports me playing as often as I would like. I travel to Florida from Vermont once per winter to get my disc golf fix. This year I will be ordering another prodigy bag and retriever, to be sent to my house in Florida. Having a full set of gear in Florida will save me the trouble of having to explain disc golf to TSA agents year after year. ❤️📀⛳️

Very nice Disc!

The Pa1 in 300 Glow plastic is perfect for trusty point and shoot upshots and drives. It has quickly found a permanent home in my bag

new mold, familiar feel

played a few rounds so far with the px-3 in 400 for off the tee/upshots and in 300 for putting, and I have to say that I love this new mold. I have found them to be pretty straight flying and resistant to turning over on powered-up shots. If it has enough height, it will reliably fade back, not as much as my pa-1 and -2's, which is a good thing, because it has a unique slot in my bag.


Great stamp. Great plastic. Great flight pattern!


Sweet disc, great plastic, very little flashing…finally!
Not going in the bag but if you want the most overstable driver you have ever thrown, this first run might be it. Thrown full power I can get it to maybe 230-250 feet with hard fade. Total and utter meat hook!

Great for all levels of play

Beautiful disc. I tend to get some turn out of this with it fading back at the end. I let my buddy who isn't very experienced toss it and ended up throwing this very well!

D2 Pro First Run 500 Spectrum

Of the new D2 Pro molds/plastic options, the 500 spectrum is by far the best flyer. Besides the INSANE colors/swirls, the 500 spectrum flies the best for me. Workable distance, dependable stability. Not Prototype stamped OVERstability, but definitely overstable. Prodigy definitely took player feedback and applied to the new D2’s!