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Great approach disc!

I use both the A2 (400) and A3 (750) for approaches up to 150'. I find the A3 to have a bit more glide and later fade than the A2. A plus for me is the A3 is easier to forehand.

The only downside for me is she likes to skip/flash skip whereas the A2 will fall blade down and bounce in place. It's the little things that make them the best.

The disc I have is absolutely beautiful, easy to find in desert brush.

F1 400G

Stable flight. Great for flex shots. 400g plastic is awesome.


Hyzer flips like a dream. Great glide and distance. My go to for a long, straight tunnel shot. 500 is the best plastic in the game.

This is the right basket no matter what you are looking for

This is the best performing basket on the market. Tests show greater than 99% catch rate. I think that this is low. I haven't had any missed catches in over 1,000 throws. I think Prodigy took it personally that the previous version (T1) didn't perform like the competitors. Now, the T2 outperforms them all.
I can't imagine higher quality. I mounted 9 of these with ground sleeves in cement. Baskets slide in to ground sleeves perfectly and everything is made to stand up to industrial use. The powder coating is beautiful and made to last.
Easy installation. If you can have your holes dug by someone else, or with a machine, then you have it as easy as it gets. The ground sleeve has the L-bracket at the position where you install the sleeve so that the L-bracket is level with the ground. This makes all baskets at the perfect height and uniform with each other.
They are beautiful. Our 9-hole course chose blue and we are all thrilled. However, the other colors are great and you can't go wrong.
The best price. Right now, these baskets are an incredible value. I don't know if Prodigy is taking a small profit margin to emphasize mass distribution, but the value is so good that I feel guilty getting something so good.
Great service after the sale. I dropped/lost one of the 36 set screws during installation. They immediately sent out 8 at no cost to make sure I was OK.

So...most everything bought today comes with trade-offs. Better- but more money, Nothing better than satisfactory performance or looks- but cheap price. Not with the Prodigy T2- you get it all. Get them now before everyone realizes how good they are and you have to wait in a 2 year backlog.

Too much fun

The A2 is so much fun to throw and the skips with the 750 plastic are second to none.

400 D3

400 plastic is the perfect driver plastic. Gummy, yet durable. It was a little more stable than I thought it was going to be, granted I don’t have much more than 420 ft of power. Stays on the line you put it and will even fight a little bit of wind.

Good looking cap

I get so many compliments on this cap. I have a large head and this flex fit works. I will buy more in the future.

Excellent cap

This Was one of the best fitting cap I’ve purchased from a Disc Golf company. Love the fit can’t wait to get more.

This box is amazing

The pa3 made it immediately into my bag and the d1 made the wall. Great box!

Straight shooter.

So far this disc has been go to disc for me for 175-225' straight shots with good slow fade (BHRH) GREAT! High speed fade shots with (FHBH). LOVE IT!!

Best forehand approach disc on the market!

A nice disc

Feels great to throw, has a nice predictable line, and I like the little whistle it gives you when it starts to fly.

Straight flyer, anhyzer lines, hyzer flips, you name it

Very very workable disc, I bag three F2's of varying age for sidearm and backhand laser-beam straight shots, big anhyzer lines, and sometimes some tricky tight hyzer flips (interesting my older ones are actually a little more stable)

Great Max Distance Disc

This disc flies very far, but still with great touch. It is way more overstable then I expected though, so you need to put a lot of power into your throw to get any turn. I don't think this would be good for new players, but players with power who want just one maximum distance disc will love this. The plastic feels so comfortable.

Great Hat

I’m pretty particular with my hats, and this one is perfect, quality materials, fits nice, isn’t itchy

Sick customization option for the BP-1

Great Hat !

Love the hat, very comfortable!

A laser!!!

When I got past the short learning curve of using this disc for mainly forehand shots through the woods, it had been a main disc for carving the competition! Literally goes as straight as a needle when I really need it to! The plastic is perfect for my grip and I’m confident in its strength of any collision!

750 MX3

These fly as good as they look! Very stable with good glide, you can throw this very hard and it will fly straight without flipping over with a reliably stable finish.

Not quite what I was expecting but a cool disc

I had previously had a H3V2 and I remember being able to really rip into it and have it fly nice and straight with a dependable fade.
Ordered this one and it’s much flippier than I was expecting but I’m also getting better distance out of it.
Fun disc.

Bright like the sun

Normally not a huge fan of yellow discs. But the crew at the Prodigy Warehouse messaged me because they were out of the color I had originally ordered. So I was told they had a yellow and I said sure thing.
So happy I did. This A3 is like throwing a piece of the sun everytime I sling it. That 750 plastic is just the perfect fade. Love this disc so much.

Understable mid

When you need a slight s curve flight on your approach this is the disc

5 star disk

Whenever I disk golf I use this disk the most out of my 15 disks, heck I would even use the most if I had 50!

Poison oak is a little less scary now

Considering it is extended 14 feet it is reasonably rigid reaching up into trees. Heads are super easy to change but the 90 degree angle one is the best. Saved me from poison oak a couple times already

Great box

I wasn’t sure what to expect, mystery box and all. But I sure was pleasantly surprised. I received a nice putter/approach disc…an excellent MX and some weird unstable driver I surely would not have purchased alone. Turns out the under stable driver is super fun to throw….