10 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box

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The 10 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on unique, one of a kind, misprint or seconds discs at a greatly discounted price! These discs have no flight altering flaws in the plastic, but either had an aesthetic flaw in the stamp or the plastic, or were used for stamp set-up. Some discs may also have the wrong stamp on them. These stamps range from limited edition designs, production stamps, and custom stamps.

Each box includes 10 discs, varying in plastic types, weights and models. We will do our best to provide a balanced assortment of Putt & Approach Discs, Midranges, Hybrids, and Drivers.

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

Customer Reviews

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Kevin T.
Great mix of discs!

I honestly wasnt sure what to expect from this box, but was pleasantly surprised! We got a nice array of plastics and discs. Some really cool lightweight drivers as well. 👍🤠

Brandam P.
Pleasantly Surprised

Awesome box of discs. I’m new to the game and I appreciate the great deal.

James G.

Great way to start off my collection! I’ll definitely buy more of these in the future.

Taylor S.
Great 2nds/Misprint Boxes+

2nds and Misprints didn't disappoint again! I got 2 more boxes of 10 and same good quality discs. Definetly worth your time and money instead of buying a couple discs at retail price and not liking them..

Jared T.
Love these boxes

Third time ordering one and it won’t be my last. Always get great discs and I don’t mind the double stamp misprints.

Eric B.
Incredible value, highly recommend

This is the second box I’ve ordered from prodigy and they both have completely blown away my expectations. They really do provide a great variety of plastics and molds. If you are a casual player like me that’s been playing with 5 discs or less these are such an affordable way to try out different discs to see what you like, what’s comfortable, and discover the difference of flights from various discs. The misprints lead to some very unique discs, some people may not like it, I find them super cool. These boxes will lead you to throwing shots you’ve never thought of. I received a D4 air spectrum at 147G. Crazy light disc, leads to a very unique flight pattern. Not something I will throw a lot on the course but tons of fun nonetheless. If you are looking for a specific disc, this is not the way to get it. But if you are looking to explore the prodigy line of both molds and plastics you will not be disappointed.


Well out 10 discs 5 had flaws 2 had almost calapsed rim created almost like a big bead on the inside almost like something really hot rested on it. One uf putters had maybe 4 inch spot on out side that I can't explain almost like it was rough plastic that was dipped into a finish coat but didn't dip it all the way the flashing was insane the nipple on the bottom of on was sticking out Dam near 1/4 inch..few had divots in rim possibly bubble at some point in prosses..week before this i baught a few p3,s and one of them had something wierd like the plastic was delaminating but decided to keep it as practice putter so wasn't just one instance.
prodigy used to be favorite brand but quality is so bad it's almost like they don't care sent an email with no reply. So basically order at own risk

Quality Mix

Like the title states- it really is a “Quality Mix.” Not all the discs made the bag but the ones that did are worthy. This is my first experience with Prodigy and I’m more than satisfied. The PA-3 300 double stamp feels really nice out of the hand. I’m hoping they restock the 10 disc premium mystery box soon.

Joe M.
Great Discs

I could care less about the stamps. The flight and performance of the discs is where it's at. I recently had one of my best games with discs out of this box.

James P.
Mystery Box

I enjoyed the discs that I received. I put a midrange in play, the others were all good discs and fun to throw and will be in my collection

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