10 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box

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The 10 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on unique, one of a kind, misprint or seconds discs at a greatly discounted price! These discs have no flight altering flaws in the plastic, but either had an aesthetic flaw in the stamp or the plastic, or were used for stamp set-up. Some discs may also have the wrong stamp on them. These stamps range from limited edition designs, production stamps, and custom stamps.

Each box includes 10 discs, varying in plastic types, weights and models. We will do our best to provide a balanced assortment of Putt & Approach Discs, Midranges, Hybrids, and Drivers.

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

Customer Reviews

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Joshua A.
Great as always

Another great mix of discs from putters to distance

Fore t.N.

Incredible as always. Love these mystery boxes. Unique stamps and weights. You won’t get this stuff in your local shop!

Darell M.
A great assortment and value

I'm a sucker for a mystery box, especially when I haven't had one in a few months. There are just so many great plastics, molds, etc... that I would normally not try that now I can. I bought this 10-disc mystery box for under $10/disc, which is a steal. I can happily say 20% of the box I'll never throw, 50% of the box made the whole purchase worth it, and 30% of the box were molds/plastics I hadn't tried and instantly fell in love with. 2 of the 10 went into my bad immediately. Check out the unboxing video for what was in my box. Keep it up Prodigy, and keep throwing together these bundles with amazing one-of-a-kind stamps, I'll keep buying!

Unboxing on Youtube: https://youtu.be/NGOcdQyuUi4

Justice D.
Great Assortment

Got an awesome assortment of discs. Definitely the best value. Received an F7 which has since become my favorite disc. Will buy again when it gets dropped.


Loved the box. Great selection, 8 out of 10 were premium plastic. Thanks!!!!

Brian S.
My First Prodigy Discs

This is my first time throwing Prodigy Discs and I'm super happy with them. They feel great and fly consistently. I got 2 Putters, 1 Mids, 2 Fairway Drivers, 2 Hybrid Drivers, 3 Distance Drivers almost all of them are 500 plastic. I'm fairly new to the sport and struggling with Distance Drivers. It's a great variety of discs and way for me to figure out what works best for me. Will be back for more.

Victor K.
Excellent value

Great box. Good mix, all cool looking discs, no base plastic at all. 3 dd, 3 fd, 1 mid, 1 a3, 2 pa

Awesome Bundle

Such a great assortment and for a price you can’t beat! 10/10 recommend doing

George F.
Just what the doctor ordered...

Couldn't be happier. The ten disc box is a heckuva value. I will definitely be doing this again.

Awesome misprints!

Didn't know what to expect and got an awesome handful of discs. Got a few new molds and could have easily built a bag with what I received! Thanks!

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