Team Prodigy Prepped for Another Exciting Year with Signings, Re-signings

Photos by Alyssa Van Lanen and Marking of DG

Coming off of one of the best tour seasons in its history, Prodigy continues to push that momentum forward with a formidable class of signings and re-signings ahead of the 2021 campaign.

It is a talented mix of young players looking to further establish themselves as well as skilled veterans constantly working to reach new heights -- all of whom are motivated and bring a fresh blend of energy and enthusiasm along with their competitiveness to push the company and the sport forward. 

Cale Leiviska (3-year extension)

Cale is a 3-time National Tour winner and has remained one of the most consistent players on tour for more than a decade. He is currently the owner of the disc golf's longest active cashing streak at 281 straight event and has 132 career wins on top of that. Cale has also been a successful business owner and course designer and won the PDGA's Sportsmanship Award. He has also been a part of Prodigy since its beginning and been a key part of it.

"I am thrilled to sign my new 3-year deal with Prodigy Disc! I’ve been an integral part of this company’s growth since our inception in 2013, and I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished thus far and excited for what the future holds. We began something powerful and impactful 8 years ago and changed the landscape of how the professional player is compensated forever. I am grateful to be taken care of as I have been, and will be celebrating today as my new deal is signed! Watch out for my signature P model S in 2021!"

Seppo Paju (3-year extension)

Seppo has also been a vital part of Prodigy and its expansion in Europe. Seppo is a 2-time European Champion and has also claimed two national titles in his native Finland, one of the fastest growing hotbeds for disc golf. Seppo got a Prodigy Pro Tour win in 2020 and is hoping for more.

"Being with the Team feels like home. I’ve been here for nearly a decade, and I’m liking it more every day. We are learning all the time, and I’m proud to be with Prodigy Disc. I’m trying to better my game every day, but I’m really trying to improve my putting. It’s something I have always struggled with, but now I have a great motivation to get better at it. I’m also excited for building Prodigy Disc and my own SP brand at the course and off the course."

Heather Young (2-year extension, Core Team promotion)

Heather continues to show people what she is capable of and has worked extremely hard in the process. On the heels of her Virtual Putting Invitational title, she added her first career podium finish at an Elite Series event, at the DGPT's Ledgestone Insurance Open. She followed that up with two more, including at the Women's National Championship, the only Major of the year. We're excited for what more is ahead and welcome Heather to our Core Team.

"It’s been awesome growing as a disc golfer with the support of Prodigy and I’m looking forward to more seasons and new opportunities! Being asked to join the Core Team feels amazing, now let’s have a great 2021 season!"

Thomas Gilbert

Thomas is one of Canada's top players and is known as one of the longest throwers on tour, as well. He picked up two A-Tier wins in 2019 and added a pair of runner-up finishes on the DGPT Silver Series. Thomas will look to keep working toward top finishes while being involved with exciting things off the course, too.

"I am really excited about my new Prodigy line up I fell like it will open up many new shots. I think that this sponsorship will open a lot of opportunities to create new amazing products that everyone should be excited about!"

Austin Hannum (2-year contract)

Austin is coming off a season-ending run to the DGPT Tour Championship finals and a spot on the ESPN coverage. He secured a third place finish and also finished inside the top 10 at 10 of his events in 2020.

"I feel great about the move to Prodigy. I have been playing with the discs for a few weeks now and already have a lot of discs that will make the bag. The most exciting thing for me is just knowing how new Prodigy is and the ceiling for the company as a whole is so high. The decision to come to prodigy was pretty easy. I looked at it as a career opportunity, and they offered me the best contract to date. I’m looking forward to throwing these discs and playing well in 2021."

Sandi Hendel (2-year contract)

Sandi is the 2017 FPO Rookie of the Year and among the top rated women in Canada. She had a top 10 finish at the Dynamic Discs Open, a DGPT event, and we're glad to welcome her as her first major sponsor.

"I'm thrilled to be joining the team for 2021. I look forward to the upcoming season with a whole new bag. I'm confident with all the discs that have made my bag. I miss everyone on tour and can't wait to get back to competing."

Ezra Robinson (2-year extension)

Ezra has been with Prodigy for the last five seasons and continues to be one of the impressive young faces on tour. He had a 7th place finish at the DGPT Idlewild Open and had five wins in his 2020 slate. 

"I am stoked to be back with team Prodigy. I have been given this great honor for the past 5 years, and it has been better than I could have imagined. Prodigy has become like a family to me over the years, they have always been supportive and doing what ever they can to make traveling and playing easier for me, and for that I owe them a huge thanks! I am looking forward to 2021 and what this year will bring. I am excited to go on tour and compete with the best. I hope to play with the best of my abilities and to bring success to my family at Prodigy. I appreciate their support over the years and I hope to make them proud! As the old saying goes... Its not what your company can do for you, it's what you can do for your company. Thank you Prodigy Disc for giving me a chance for another great year!"

Isaac Robinson (2-year contract)

We are glad to have Isaac back on Team Prodigy alongside his brother Ezra. Isaac also continues to impress out of Georgia, and he had six wins in 2020 while also posting a top 20 finish at the Idlewild Open on the DGPT.

"I am super excited to be back with Prodigy. They were the first company to offer me a sponsorship ever, and after 2 years with MVP Discs, I am super excited to once again play for my original company. I love team Prodigy because it has its roots here in Georgia, and I have gotten to know a good majority of the players on the team. They are a wonderful, tight knit group of guys and girls that love the game and will do anything to promote and grow the sport. Coming off the most successful year yet in my disc golf career, I am super excited to continue to tour and hit up some of the bigger events, it is my goal to qualify and play in the disc golf pro tour finale and compete in most of the DGPT events throughout the year."

Alden Harris (2-year extension)

Alden hit the road in 2020 and certainly made the most of it despite a strange season. Alden brought home his first career A-Tier win and also finished 7th at the Jonesboro Open on the DGPT. He's another up and comer out of the Peach State and will look to add onto a great 2020 season in 2021.

"I’m so excited to be representing Prodigy for another 2 years! The Prodigy family is amazing and I’m glad I’ve been able to be apart of it for the last 3 years. Over the course of my career, I’ve been able to achieve a lot of my goals and dreams so far with the Prodigy logo on my back. I look forward to achieving many more in 2021 with the same logo."

Casey Hanemayer

Casey is the top-rated player in Canada and racked up four wins in just six events during the 2020 season. He hopes to add on to that success and test himself amongst the top pros on tour.

"The Prodigy team up here in Canada has been absolutely awesome. All the people that are on the management side of Prodigy Canada have made this an easy decision, thanks to all of them but Colin Fitchett is held in high regard for me. I'm looking forward to many things but mainly to see what I can do next season, play in some bigger tour events in the USA against the top competition. Also to meet some teammates south of the border. I had a great 2020 season and want to follow that up by playing to the best of my ability next summer."



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