kevin jones disc golf feedback fairway driver

Feedback: A fairway driver designed by Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones
The Prodigy Disc Feedback is an overstable fairway driver developed with Kevin Jones as part of the Prodigy Collabs Series. As controllable of a disc as they come, the Feedback can hold a line with little movement left-to-right for the majority of its flight before a dependable fade helps you hit your landing spot. It can withstand a windy day and players will notice a broken-in feel fresh from the factory.
kevin jones disc golf

Kevin Jones | In The Bag 2023

Core Team
Off the tee, Prodigy Disc Core Team member Kevin Jones is one of the farthest throwers on tour and his prowess from Circle 2 has also earned him the “Jump Putt Jones” moniker. His own Prodigy Collabs Series discs are a staple in his line-up. The overstable Distortion putter, straight-flying Feedback fairway driver, and dependable Reverb distance driver each play an important role in Jones’ gameplan.