Collaboration with DGPT Champ Chris Dickerson Brings Brand New FX-2 | Prodigy Disc

The FX-2 packs a punch in our fairway lineup, finding a slot between our F Series and H Series. It was created in collaboration with 2-time Disc Golf Pro Tour Champion Chris Dickerson, who expressed his desire for a fairway driver that was faster and sported specific dimensions.

The FX-2 has a profile that provides a comfortable feel for both backhand and sidearm throwers, and it handles power extremely well with a long straight flight and a medium, consistent finish. The finish is not too harsh for those with less power, and it will be available in lighter weights soon for access to a variety of players at different levels. The first release of the disc will be in both 400G and 500 Plastic in max weights.

The FX-2 brings a new brand of fairway driver to the table with more to come.

Grab the brand new FX-2 via and authorized retailers Monday, February 10th, 2020.


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