3 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box

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The 3 Disc Misprint & Seconds Mystery Box is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on unique, one of a kind, misprint or seconds discs at a greatly discounted price! These discs have no flight altering flaws in the plastic, but either had an aesthetic flaw in the stamp or the plastic, or were used for stamp set-up. Some discs may also have the wrong stamp on them. These stamps range from limited edition designs, production stamps, and custom stamps.

This box includes 3 discs, varying in plastic types, weights and models. We will do our best to provide a balanced assortment of Putt & Approach Discs, Midranges, Hybrids, and Drivers.

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

Customer Reviews

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Great box

Got a cool d2, triple print kevin jones pa3, and a glow double print m4

Great box

Got a cool d2, triple print kevin jones pa3, and a glow double print m4

Quentin H.
Game changing mystery box!

I am not one to take chances usually but I’m so glad I did with a prodigy mystery box. I had picked up a few prodigy drivers a while back and wanted to experiment with other molds. The box I got had a 350g PA-3, 400 glow M4, and an amazing D2 in spectrum air plastic, which is a go to bomber disc! All three molds have worked a place into my bag and kicked several other discs out. Thanks for the awesome hookup with this mystery box prodigy!

Chris T.
Great deal

I am not real familiar with Prodigy discs. I thought the mystery pack was a great deal and it would give me a good feel for some new plastic to chuck without giving it too much thought. Can’t wait to give them a fling.

Ethan G.

The Mystery box came with a great variety of premium and baseline plastic! Sick double stamps and even a team exclusive. Definitely would recommend!

Christopher H.
Fun Box

Love getting surprised with these boxes. Actually had a F5 that I had been looking for.


Pretty solid discs for great value got a p model us, a h2, and a catrina allen f7

Michael P.
I asked for throwers and received.

These guys hooked it up! For this box I asked for some discs that I throw in certain colors and they sent what I asked for! All of the plastic was high quality as well. Very impressed with this order and will be getting another or 2 soon.

Nicholas G.
Mystery box

These mystery boxes never disappoint!!!

Ethan A.
Absolute FIRE

Loved all (6) the discs, especially the mids. Will buy again.

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