3 Disc Mystery Box (Chalky)

You've asked for some Mystery Boxes, and here they are! Each box will include three discs, two of which are premium plastic discs that have become chalky in a variety of molds and stamps. The third disc will be a base plastic midrange.

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Edwin J.

    Chalky as promised

    Matthew P.
    Hit the Jackpot with this one.

    Some of my discs didn't even seem like seconds. The "mistamps" were pretty cool!

    Charles J.
    Great discs

    Got a 3 disc chalky mystery pack. Got a really nice X5 driver, Great putter and MX5 Mid range. All 3 have become discs I throw regularly. All of exceptional quality.

    Great Box

    Great discs great value, will buy again

    Brandon R.
    Very Satisfied

    Received three awesome discs! 1) 173g 400 A1 2) 174g 300G MX-3 3) 174g 400 D1 Max

    All three discs went directly into my bag and I am already loving them. They are all super grippy and are going to be perfect for the summers in GA. Thank you, Prodigy!

    Laramie N.
    Chalky review

    I enjoyed the selection sent but the 3 discs I received didn’t appear to be chalky at all. They all seemed like new or x outs.

    Taichi T.
    I Bag All 3!

    Super happy with my box, hope they do some more!

    Darell M.
    Amazing as always....just need MORE!

    First off, I LOVE the chalky plastics. In Myrtle Beach, SC, we need chalk especially in summer. When I saw a 3 pack of chalk bleeders for $30, I jumped...twice. I received a clear 400 M2 with the ASL Team stamp (something I had been waiting for a while that went straight on the wall), a beautiful blue 400 D1 (that would likely sale for the price of both boxes), a domey X2 (a disc I had no experience with), a 400 AIR D2 (149g that my son LOVES), and 2 350G MX-3s (my stable mid of choice). The value of the boxes was great and the contents were as well. I cannot say enough how exceptional Prodigy Disc products are, we just need more of them. Maybe mystery boxes with misprints, just putters, just approaches, lightweight only, etc... Maybe mystery boxes with 4-5 ACE Line offerings to get those out in the hands of folks. Prodigy Disc, keep doing what you're doing. You have amazing products with great value, great performance, and great brand recognition. I'm definitely a customer for life.