Prodigy Disc Retriever


Whether you dunk your go-to disc or get it stuck in a tree, the Prodigy Disc Retriever is here to help. Choose between a 10-foot or 14-foot telescopic stainless steel pole, which makes it easy to reach those tough spots on the course and to store away when not in use. Each retriever comes with two additional attachments to help with even the toughest situations. Let the Prodigy Disc Retriever do the dirty work to keep your feet dry and put your favorite discs back in your bag.



  • Weight: 0.6 lbs (10'); 1.0 lb (14')
  • Easy to carry, use, and store
  • Telescopic stainless steel pole
  • Three separate attachments for different situations


The following malfunctions and defects are covered by warranty for 30 days:

  • Pole fails to extend or collapse.
  • A joint fails or comes apart.

NOTE: The Prodigy Disc Retriever DOES NOT warranty any parts of the Prodigy Disc

Retrievers frame from bending or breaking. The user accepts full responsibility for using the

Prodigy Disc Retriever in such a manner as to prevent damage from happening. The pole is

not designed and will not withstand excessive lateral force, weight or pressure. Once the

disc is on the retriever, bring it back in a smooth deliberate manner and avoid lifting the disc

quickly, or trying to flick the disc as it will damage the Prodigy Disc Retriever. Always open

and close the pole by hand. Do not press it against the ground or any other surface to close

it. Do not cast, flick or swing the retriever to open it. This will damage the Prodigy Disc

Retriever and void the warranty.

The Prodigy Disc Retriever, when used properly, will save time and discs you could not

normally get to. It will pay for itself many times over as long as you operate it properly. This

device, if treated properly, should last a season. Unfortunately, dirt from hands and your golf

bag and debris from the water will build up in the joints and result in eventual failure. Extend

its life by using it properly. Always keep it clean by drying it with a towel before closing it.

Extend it at the end of the day and slide it back to closed through a dry towel. Make sure to

remove excess water from the Prodigy Disc Retriever by removing the threaded attachment

or the handle and draining it. We also recommend it be lubricated with a dry lube spray.

This product was designed to serve as a tool to retrieve your discs. There is no expectation

that it will last any extended length of time. If used properly you should expect it to last long

enough to save several of your favorite discs, paying for itself along the way.

Contact for warranty replacements at no charge. Include name,

phone number, mailing address and proof of purchase. Please send photos of the warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Useful around house too!

I use this thing for many odd jobs around the house. Putting ant traps in tight corners. Getting things from under my bed. And oh yeah, getting discs out of water and trees on the course too. I only use the hooked tip. It's all I need. It can get loose sometimes so I put some Locktite on the screw threads to keep it locked in place. Awesome retriever!

Roy H.
Great little disc retriever

This retriever is small enough fit in your bag and extends long enough to reach way back in the weeds and poison ivy to save your disc. One or two disc saves pays for the retriever. I will not be playing without it.

brian a.
head shape is moronic

Well, when you're trying to get a disc out of the water you're reaching down from above. The slot is so small but the problem is the way the wire bends out that prevents you from actually being able to get the disc in the slot. Did you even test this before you sent a order for 5,000 to Hong Kong? YouTube video placeholder
Victoria G.
Not happy

Wasn’t thrilled with this. The head spins constantly no matter what attachment I put on the top. I have to be super careful when trying to actually use it as it’s seems so flimsy. I’ve taped the top so it stays on and am working on a fix so it stops spinning so much. I do like how lightweight and compact it is but that’s probably why it’s so flimsy

Roy L.
Great Retriever!

Just finished a tournament that played over and around a lake, water on almost every hole, and a ton of brambles lining the fairways. Being able to switch out the heads from water-scooper to bush-poker was extremely handy. Saved a lot of peoples bacon!


Purchased the 10 foot version. Very pleased and have used it several times. Nut that holds multiple end pieces on does tend to loosen up. Had to buy a small wrench to carry with the retriever.

Breaks right away!

Bought this and was so excited to use it. After three uses it broke open & can no longer be used. Absolutely terrible purchase!

bodie F.
rescue stick

Love the attachments!!!!

Jeffrey D.
Great investment

I live in Florida so we have a lot of palm and other catching trees plus it seems every course around me has multiple water shots. In the short time I’ve own this retriever it’s already paid for itself and I’ve help rescue a few others.

Jason B.
Very Useful!

I'm the first of my friends to get a retriever, and I must say - it's been used almost every round. This is well worth the cost!