prodigy waco midrange

Waco: A Brand New Midrange Made For The Pro Tour

Isaac Robinson
The Prodigy Disc Waco is a straight-shooting midrange debuting at the 2024 Prodigy Presents WACO Disc Golf Pro Tour event. The Waco midrange is an exclusive release to the DGPT+ tournament and was designed with the formidable Brazos Park East course in mind, as the shapeable workhorse disc is fit to tame the BEast.
isaac robinson archive midrange

Archive: A midrange designed by Isaac Robinson

Isaac Robinson
Forged from the fire of champions and entrusted with the power to shape the very fabric of flight, the Archive midrange is the next chapter in our Prodigy Collabs Series, and the first disc made with input from Major champion Isaac Robinson. He wanted a beadless midrange that was able to soar effortlessly through the sky with enhanced glide, and a touch of overstability to give it unwavering accuracy and a steadfast resistance to swirling winds.
kevin jones disc golf feedback fairway driver

Feedback: A fairway driver designed by Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones
The Prodigy Disc Feedback is an overstable fairway driver developed with Kevin Jones as part of the Prodigy Collabs Series. As controllable of a disc as they come, the Feedback can hold a line with little movement left-to-right for the majority of its flight before a dependable fade helps you hit your landing spot. It can withstand a windy day and players will notice a broken-in feel fresh from the factory.