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Prodigy Disc is proud to offer a full range of lightweight disc golf discs in many of the company’s most popular molds. Some of the best disc golf discs for beginners are lightweight, but more experienced players will also see the benefit and utility of throwing distance, hybrid, and fairway drivers, and midrange discs in a lower weight. 

Why throw a lighter disc?

When choosing a disc, it all comes down to personal preference. A lightweight disc golf disc is engineered for the same shot performance of their heavier counterparts, with added glide for effortless and easy distance. Prodigy Disc AIR plastic is also just as durable as other premium plastic counterparts.

Players with a history of shoulder or arm pain may see a higher potential for injury prevention by using lightweight discs, as the repetitive motion of throwing would have slightly less stress from the lighter disc.

Do lightweight discs go farther?

Lightweight discs have been used to break disc golf distance records, and many players will see as much as a 20% increase in distance by using a lower weight disc. Prodigy discs in AIR plastic and in the 148 to 164 gram range have a more pronounced glide than similar higher weight discs in other plastics.

Are lighter discs easier to throw?

If you were to compare a disc golf hybrid driver such as the Prodigy Disc H3 in a lightweight and max weight version, you will most likely see the lightweight H3 exhibit the same flight number traits as the heavier disc but achieved with less effort. 

When achieving the same flight and distance by throwing with less effort, players can also focus on controlling the disc. Lightweight discs may make it easier to accurately throw down tight fairways and hit gaps.

What is the best weight for a beginner disc golf driver? Are heavier or lighter discs better for beginners?

A lightweight disc could be a great disc golf gift for someone new to the sport. In addition to added glide and distance, the benefits of the lighter discs include making it easier to develop proper mechanics and throwing form early. Less time spent trying to make the disc fly far means more time to commit to angle control and body timing.

Can professional players use lightweight discs?

Players with higher arm speeds may opt to use lower weight discs in tailwinds, for standstill shots, and “patent-pending” lies where footwork and arm space are limited. Other uses are for roller discs, uphill approaches, and touchy, finesse shots.

Professional players with slower arm speeds often bag lightweight drivers for their big distance throws.

Lightweight Signature Series Discs

The AIR up there

Prodigy AIR plastic is one of the most exciting plastics to be introduced to the disc golf scene. Our revolutionary 400 series base resin that has become a favorite of Canadian Open, Japan Open, European Open, and United States and World Champions has been modified to create spectacular-flying, absolutely beautiful looking discs. 

Prodigy AIR is available in a weight range from 148 grams to 162 grams. The grip, feel, and performance are sure to become the new standard for all players looking for the highest quality disc in lighter weights. Spectrum AIR ads an extra burst of color to catch the eye.   

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