Prodigy Disc FAQ’s: Street Team, Battalion Team, ASL Team 


Q: I really want to apply to be on the team, what do you look for in a player?

A: This is a loaded question, but we look at a wide variety of variables to make the decision.  We look at PDGA History, time in the sport, your growth/potential, rating (920+), we scrub your social media, look for red/green flags, we check references, we look at the number of players in your area as well as compare you to them, we look to balance competitive players with ambassadors.  All of these things (and more) play into the decision of adding a player to the team.

Q: Do I have to throw all Prodigy discs and use all Prodigy gear?

A: Yes, to be on any of the Prodigy Disc Teams you must use our bags and discs at all times. For our clothing we like you to wear it as much as possible and always at events!  You have chosen to represent the company, yourself, the team, and will agree to the Contract and Code of Conduct to join the team at any level. 

Q: How soon do I need to convert my bag to all Prodigy if I’m currently not?

A: You need to convert your discs as soon as you sign your contract.  We offer amazing optional packages to help you get the plastic you need as well as discounted normal pricing. We suggest that you have a primarily Prodigy bag before even considering applying. 

Q: Do I need a PDGA number and/or does it need to be active?

A: You must have a PDGA number and it must be active to even be considered for the team. Do not apply if you do not have one. 

Q: Am I required to to be active on social media?

A: We ask our players to be active on social media, the more the better but only ask for 5 posts a month.

Q: How many events am I expected to play?

A: We expect players to play a minimum of 12 PDGA events throughout the year.  Non sanctioned events, leagues, PDGA leagues do not count towards this total.  

Q: Can I play in events like the Trilogy challenge where there are no Prodigy discs allowed?

A: Of course, these are special events to help grow the sport. Even though you aren’t throwing Prodigy at these, you can still encourage new players to try out Prodigy and give them comparisons of the discs they played with our plastic! 

Q: Can I run/TD non Prodigy sponsored events?

A: Of course! Just like attending events if you are running non PDGA dubs, Trilogy, and or other events we encourage you to help the Prodigy brand during those events by representing it. Don’t forget you can run Prodigy Par 2’s and such as well! 

Q: Are there behavior requirements?

A: Yes, we have a code of conduct every player must sign.  We just ask that you are active, approachable, and are positive when interacting online or in person.  We ask you to support all team members and the brand in a manner that you would want to be treated. 

Q: Once I’m on the team, is it my spot forever?

A: No, we have contract requirements and other variables that need to be met to maintain your spot on the team.  You can be removed during the season, not invited back, or leave on your own accord.  We track all of this with “honorable” and “dishonorable” discharges. Please read the contract section for more information.

Q: I have seen my players with different Facebook Profile frames- can I use these?

A: If you are not on the team, you should NOT be using any of these team ones.  We are working on public ones that are for use by anyone.  If you are officially accepted onto a Prodigy team you must use the corresponding frame for your team.  You should not be using any other team's version.  You are not required to use a frame at all, it is the players choice.



Q: How does recruiting work?

A: We open recruiting for one week each quarter throughout the year for candidates to apply.  How many members we accept to the team is based on the growth numbers we are trying to achieve for that year.  Recruiting usually opens the first week of the month each quarter. 

Q: What happens if I miss the open window to apply?

A: You need to wait until next quarter to apply

Q: How do I make sure I don’t miss the open recruiting window. 

A: Make sure you are watching Prodigy social media, we post to all the main Prodigy Groups on facebook, as well as the main Prodigy social media channels.  You can also always stop in on the Street Team page on the website as we constantly update it! It can be found here:

Q: Can someone refer me to be on the team?

A: Yes, a current team member can refer you.  There is a question on the application to put in referrals. We reach out to the referrer for more information to understand you more as a player if we need to.   Please note, a referral from a current team member is not a guarantee or promise to get on the team.  We have many variables we consider when selecting candidates.  

Q: What if I want to apply for a different team?

A: We are only covering the United States: Street Team, Battalion Team, and ASL Team right now.  If you want to apply for one of the other teams you need to reach out to those proper contacts (See contact sections)

Q: Do I have to throw all Prodigy to be considered for the team?

A: No, you do not need to throw all Prodigy to be considered.  That said with the amount of applications we get each quarter it does limit your overall chances. 

Q: How do I know if I made the team?

A: With each quarter or recruiting we also set the date we will send out your responses.  We will reply to every application on that date.  When you apply the date will be presented to you in multiple places as well in the social media posts about recruiting.  It typically falls within the last week of the month. 

Q: Do I have to reapply every quarter if I wasn’t selected?

A: Yes, you will have to reapply if you weren’t selected.  Remember, we get flooded with applications and can only take a fraction of what comes in. We have to make sure that the system is fair, we can keep it clean, and we can respond to every application within the allotted time frame. 


Q: Do I need to sign a contract to join?

A: Yes, we require all team members to sign their contracts yearly. If you do not sign the contracts you will not remain or join the team. 

Q: What will I be signing?

A: All players will sign two contracts.  The Player Contract and the Code of Conduct. 

Q: What happens if I violate one of the contracts?

A: It will be handled situation by situation, but we have a 3 strike system in place to help guide players through tough situations.  Our goal is to mentor and help people grow so we can become a stronger team.

Q: What date ranges are contracts good for?

A: We shoot to have contracts out and ready for the first of the year, and they are good for that year only.  If you sign on Jan 1st 2021, your contract is good until Dec 31st 2021.  If you sign on Dec 1st 2021, your contract is good only until Dec 31st 2021. 


Q: What are these packages that sponsored players are offered?

A: Packages are one of the biggest perks the Street Team, Battalion Team, and ASL team are offered.  We offer five packages for players to choose from.  These package contents are determined from player feedback and are adjusted yearly to fit the growing team and sports needs.  Team members get these packages at incredible value and will cover the majority if not all of your needs to get started! 

Q: Are yearly packages mandatory?

A: No they are not mandatory.  They are put into place to really help the player jump start their season by getting gear under wholesale costs.  The player is under no obligation to purchase anything at any time throughout their tenure with the team. 

Q: If I want to, can I order more than one package?

A: Yes, you can order as many packages as you want throughout the year (with the exception of the rec package which can only be purchased once at the beginning of the season)

Q: Do I get to choose the discs and clothing sizes I get in my package?

A: Yes, players will receive a special order form that will capture all this information to make sure we get as close to what you want as possible.  Our goal is to be 100% accurate with every order. 

Q: Can I mix and match packages or add stuff to them?

A: No, packages are specifically designed around player feedback and set for the next season. You cannot add things to the specific package.  We do have another perk for members and we have a special discounted order form that you can supplement your package with if you choose

Q: Am I allowed to sell the gear I get in packages?

A: No, absolutely not. You are not allowed to sell the gear you get in these packages.  If this is something you would like to do, we suggest you become a vendor.  Selling your package discs or team gear is grounds for dismissal.

Q: Can I get the Prodigy logo printed clothing or dyed/stamped on discs?

A: No, no other company or vendor is allowed to apply the Prodigy logo to anything.  Prodigy will however get you heat vinyl transfers to iron on to specific items if needed. This includes disc dyes as well.  You cannot dye the Prodigy logo on a disc.  You cannot use the Prodigy logo on any disc stamp unless it is approved and produced at the Prodigy factory. 


Q: What is the points system?

A: The points system is designed to reward players for doing great work for themselves, for Prodigy, for their communities.  There is a list of qualified earning opportunities that players compile their points for.  Then they can use those points to turn them in for free Prodigy clothing, discs, bags, hats, or anything in inventory!  At the end of the season the top 3 points winners get significantly rewarded with some of the top prizes in the industry for this level! 

Q: How do I submit or keep track of my points?

A: Every quarter we give players a link to a form they fill out to submit their points.  Each player is responsible for keeping track of their own points and all proof of earned points.  There is a master file of all the points earned for each player throughout the season. 

Q: How do I spend my points?

A: Simple, you take the order form we provide, fill out all the necessary information and send it to your captain so they can balance the points and put in the order for you.  If you send it directly in the order it will be rejected as we cannot track the points.   Make sure any orders where you are using points go to your captain first!  

Q: Is the Points System and the Prodigy Website Shop reward points the same?

A: No, these are completely different systems and do not work together.  You can not combine or carry over any points from one to the other.  Treat them as individual systems. 


Q: What is the order form?

A: The order form is an XLS sheet that you are able to use/submit to order most if not all of the Prodigy products that are in stock.  You can order at any time at any point throughout the year.

Q: Order forms, can anyone use these order forms?

A: No, only Prodigy team members can use the order forms.  You use the forms to place any order throughout the year.  You can use your points, or just get your standard discount but sending in the form. 

Q: Do I use an order form to order my Team Packages?

A: No, you do not use the standard form to order your packages, there will be a special form needed to get packages.  Depending on what package you order, you might need to attach a standard order form to it if specific discs are needed (AKA Rec Package)

Q: Can I use Paypal with the order form instead of CC information?

A: Yes, just put that you want to use paypal and put in paypal address you want the invoice to be sent to.  Your order will not ship until it’s paid for. 

Q: Are there minimum orders?

A: Yes, if purchasing discs there is a 5 disc minimum.  There is no minimum order for bags, clothing or other gear. 

Q: Can I sell items I order with our benefits?

A: Absolutely not.  These are player only benefits.  You should not be buying them for friends or buying items to sell for profit.  If you are looking for this type of relationship with Prodigy, email and ask for an application to become a vendor.

Q: Can I order things I see on the Prodigy Website Shop with the order form?

A: No, you cannot.  Treat this like you would your favorite local vendor, if you see things you like, you must purchase those items from the website. 


Tournament Team (TT) / Ambassador Team (AT) / Protege Team (PT)

Street Team (ST)

  • Captains: East Coast - Drew Runnfeldt ; West Coast - Dillon and Kathryn Gassaway 

Battalion Team (BT)

American Sign Language Team (ASLT)

Canadian Inquires