Prodigy PA-4 350G Plastic - Ring of Stars Stamp

Stability: Understable
Flight Numbers: 3 l 3 l -1 l 1

Weight: 170 - 174 g
Color: Blue
Sale price$15.00

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The PA-4 throws smooth like butter, and helps shape some beautiful turnover and hyzerflip lines. Players that need a little more glide for long putts also like to pull it out in those situations. Pick one up in 350G Plastic with the Ring of Stars stamp. 

Stamp color may vary. Shade of disc color may vary.

The Prodigy Disc PA-4 is an understable Putt & Approach disc. It is designed for all players and skill levels. The PA-4 will turn up when thrown hard and will then have a long glide and gentle turning finish.

350G Plastic is a firmer blend of the 350 Plastic for those who like the grippy properties but in a stiffer plastic. The 350G Plastic is the product of 16 months of research and development. Its unique tacky feel and increased stiffness puts it ahead of all base-line resin available on the market today. It was developed in a collaborative effort by World Champions, Major Champions and National Tour Champions looking for discs that will break in perfectly over time. The 350G Plastic retains grip even in wet conditions.

  • Diameter: 21.0cm
  • Height: 1.9cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.4cm
  • Rim Width: 1.0cm
  • Min Weight: 170g
  • Max Weight: 174g
  • Stability: Understable

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bryan J.
350g Pa4

Great for in the bag for long gliding jump Putts/ up shots. Durable plastic, feels great in hand. Flat profile.

Emma H.

I’ve been putting with Pa4s for a good 5 years now, and these babies are so pretty with a slightly tacky, but firm feel. The ring of stars stamp looks great when it settles in the basket. I think I made more putts my first round out with it, just because I wanted to do it justice, it just looks so good.

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