Prodigy H4 V2 400 GLOW - 2019 Am Worlds Mini Stamp

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Weight: 170 - 176 g
Color: GLOW White
Sale price$18.99

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Prodigy Disc is proud to be the presenting title sponsor of the 2019 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships! Show your support by picking up this exclusive special edition 400 GLOW H4 V2 Hybrid Driver featuring a streamline mini stamp inspired by the 2019 Am Worlds logo and location.

Stamp color may vary. Shade of disc color may vary.

The Prodigy H4 V2 is a slightly understable hybrid driver that fits perfectly between the H3 V2 and H5, providing excellent performance for all levels of power. Like the other retooled hybrid drivers in our H Series, the H4 V2 has been fitted with a slightly shallower rim and a sharper nose than the original H4, offering a more comfortable grip along with increased speed and glide. The H4 V2 provides amazing control and dependability for hyzer-flip, straight, and anhyzer shots. The H4 V2 is now an excellent choice for amateurs and Pros alike, whether it's for long, gliding shots in the open or carving lines in the woods. When thrown RHBH, it will turn smoothly to the right and then have a soft, gentle finish back to the left at the end of its flight.

400 Plastic is a premium blend of material that is extremely durable. The unique blend of plastics feels as good as it looks and will be able to be broken in over time. This tour quality plastic gives the thrower impeccable grip, even when it is wet. The addition of GLOW allows you to charge up your disc in light and let it glow in the dark!

  • Diameter: 21.3cm
  • Height: 1.5cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
  • Rim Width: 2.0cm
  • Min Weight: 170g
  • Max Weight: 176g
  • Stability: Slightly Understable


Flight Numbers: | | |

Plastic Type


Rim Depth:
Rim Width:
Max. Weight:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Colton F.
Great understable flyer!

As a lefty, this disc is perfect for getting some solid turn around a bend with a slight fade! I also love it with forehand hyzer shots to flip up and fly super straight. Great utility disc to do the odd jobs!!!

James C.
Good disc!

Really liked the disc, glow was good, but I ripped it down a hill and it's gone forever. No regrets on the purchase though, it flew great for that one beautiful round.

Ben W.
Good disc

Disc feels great in your hand and flies straight

Rob G.
Great mid

Love it. A little overstable but for l flies true and looks great!

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