Prodigy H3 V2 750 Spectrum - Will Schusterick Core Team Series

Stability: Stable
Flight Numbers: 11 l 5 l -1 l 2

Weight: 170 - 176 g
Color: Random
Sale price$21.00

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Three-time USDGC Champion found love at first throw with the H3 V2 and is sure players of all skill levels will too once they grab one in our firm, durable, and grippy 750 plastic. They are even more irresistible with the colorful swirls of our stunning Spectrum Line. Grab one to support Will’s touring efforts directly.

“I am a huge fan of a slight hyzer release when it comes to my drives, and the H3 V2 is perfect for those shots. I have always felt more accurate and stronger in that type of release angle through my entire career. The H3 V2 can fit into anybody’s bag, no matter the arm speed, and works just as well on a sidearm. The 750 plastic is great for hot weather, consistent grip in those temperatures, and getting birdies all over the course.” - Will Schusterick

Weights: 170 176 grams

Colors and foils will vary.

The H3 V2 is stable to slightly overstable, depending on the thrower’s power, and has an upgraded shape from the original H3, with a slightly shallower rim depth, offering an easier grip, and an updated outside rim that allows for a consistent, yet faster flight with more glide for dependable flight in all conditions.

750 Plastic is similar in grip and texture to our 400 series but with a firmer feel. This plastic will provide outstanding performance and predictability. It is extremely durable, with stiffness in the rim that allows for the rigidity to hold up even in the hottest points throughout the year.

Prodigy Spectrum Line discs feature our proprietary processing technique to produce a myriad of beautiful color combinations and patterns; each unique, and every one more amazing than the last.

  • Diameter: 21.3cm
  • Height: 1.8cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
  • Rim Width: 2.0cm
  • Min Weight: 170g
  • Max Weight: 176g
  • Stability: Stable / Slightly Over Stable

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