Prodigy H3 V2 400 Glimmer Spectrum - Prodigy Logo Stamp

Stability: Stable
Flight Numbers: 11 l 5 l -1 l 2

Weight: 170 - 176 g
Color: Random
Sale price$17.99

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We've got another fun combination up on the shop today with the H3 V2 in 400 Glimmer Spectrum. Yup, you get to enjoy the colorful swirls of our Spectrum line coupled with our Glimmer specs for a little extra pizzaz. They are beautiful discs topped off with our logo. 

Stamp color may vary. Shade of disc color may vary.

The Prodigy Disc H3 V2 Hybrid Driver has been built upon the characteristics of the original H3 to create an improved and superior disc. Like the original H3, the H3 V2 is stable to slightly over stable, depending on the thrower’s power. The H3 V2 sports an upgraded shape from the original H3, with a slightly shallower rim depth, offering an easier grip, and an updated outside rim that allows for a consistent, yet faster flight with more glide. This allows the player to gain more distance, while maintaining dependability and a slightly over stable finish. The H3 V2 can handle any condition thrown its way, and is an excellent choice for backhand and side arm throwers alike.

400 Plastic is a premium blend of material that is extremely durable. The unique blend of plastics feels as good as it looks and will be able to be broken in over time. This tour quality plastic gives the thrower impeccable grip, even when it is wet.

  • Diameter: 21.3cm
  • Height: 1.8cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm
  • Rim Width: 2.0cm
  • Min Weight: 170g
  • Max Weight: 176g
  • Stability: Over Stable

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent driver

Really nice driver. Tails off nice and hard but dependably so. The glimmer looks really sweet too.

Tad T.

This is my first driver from Prodigy and won't be my last. Beautiful plastic great feel and flight. Right now it's a stable driver but I can feel this becoming a good flip to flat driver over time.

Anthony R.

This disc went straight into my bag. It's a little more overstable than my other H3V2'S.

Carlos G.

Went into my bag instantly love the flight and feel

Ben P.
Great, beautiful disc

This disc is my second prodigy driver, second to the H2V2 in 750. I absolutely love the distance I can get with this disc. It has a nice turn that falls into a trustworthy fade. The versatility and the distance is a one-of-a-kind disc that comes in some beautiful colors. Highly recommended for big arms, small arms and Everyone else in between.

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