Prodigy D3 400G Plastic - 10 Disc Practice Set

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Practice makes perfect, so we have a set of 10 D3s in 400G Plastic to help you get those reps in. This is a great way to try out a new driver, streamline your fieldwork routine, or just have some backups handy.

Each box will have 10 factory seconds, which only have aesthetic flaws that will not alter flight. Colors may vary.

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

Customer Reviews

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Ben L.
what are you waiting for??? i would buy 10 more if they had D6's in stock. what a deal

I just got back from driving practice - I took this stack of 10 discs, went to hole 17 on my home course (hole 16 is currently flooded, so only one person came through the 90 minutes I was practicing). It's a mostly wide open field, some woods on the right, some prairie on the far left, but mostly open. Only a couple times did I lose a disc into the woods halfway through my stack, so I stopped throwing, and went to find it right away. I'm just saying this, because most people buying this pack is probably going to go out and practice throwing all ten at once - if you lose sight of it, go pick it up right away!!! I still have all 10.

Okay so how do these fly? Honestly I was surprised in that they are really stable! Way more stable than I expected, for sure!!! Keep in mind that I'm still working on my form, only throwing about 300 ft on average (hence why I bought these in the first place, to practice with) but I throw these discs as hard as I can, flat and level, with a pretty strong dose of anny... and they always fade. I mean they fade a lot. I guess I was expecting them to fly similarly to a beat-in Shryke I have, because the flight numbers were 12 6 -2 2. Well they don't (at least not when they're fresh), they fade pretty hard as they lose speed. Which is fine if I can improve my form.

What am I trying to say? The reason you're buying a stack of these is to practice throwing the same mold over and over. So get them if you think you need to be super accurate about 350 ft away. Because that's what these discs will do for you. I got to the point where basically I was throwing all ten in a 20 ft circle just under 300 ft.

So if you can throw over 300 ft, get this pack.

If you can't throw 300 ft, but plan to do lots of practicing to get above 300 ft, then get this pack.

If you can't throw 300 ft, but don't plan to practice your driving very much, don't get it, because they're too stable. It's just not going to help your golf game very much. Also keep in mind, when you buy 10 discs at once, they're going to take a really long time to beat in.

I hope you enjoy the picture, I noticed the sun setting and thought it would be cool to show off my new discs. Seriously they look so sweet haha.

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