Prodigy A4 400G GLOW Plastic - Powered by Prodigy Stamp

Stability: Slightly Overstable
Flight Numbers: 4 | 4 | -1 | 2

Weight: 170 - 174 g
Color: GLOW White
Sale price$19.49

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These A4's feature our Powered by Prodigy stamp and are great for those night rounds with 400G GLOW plastic!

Weight: 170-174 grams

Foils will vary.

The Prodigy Disc A4 is the latest in our range of approach discs. The A4 is a slightly over stable disc that fills the distance gap between midranges and putters and is designed for all skill levels. The disc is consistent and reliable in moderate wind conditions and perfect for short approach shots. It works equally as well for backhand or sidearm throwers. The A4, like the A3 has a bead on the rim. You can expect it to fly slightly less stable than the A3 with an extra 40-50 feet in distance.

400G GLOW Plastic is the regular 400 Series plastic with a shot of adrenaline. It is the base 400 plastic mixed with another resin that gives the plastic a slightly different feel than the base 400 Series plastic. The additive also makes the disc more durable and requires more time to break it in. The addition of GLOW allows you to charge up your disc in light and let it glow in the dark!

  • Diameter: 21.0cm
  • Height:1.9cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3cm
  • Rim Width: 1.4cm
  • Min Weight: 170g
  • Max Weight: 174g
  • Stability: Over Stable

    Customer Reviews

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    Eric H.
    Love this mid

    I have really been trying to get it in the mid-range as recently and really found that the beauty and purpose of these discs.

    I know that it will glide way out there and finish to the left slightly every time. Trust disc I love the unique bead to it!!

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