Monday Mystery Box (2/15) - 3 Discs

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The Monday Mystery Box is back, and it's a good one! We have two Spectrum discs and one base plastic disc all packed up and ready to go.

Grab one and see what goodies come to your door!

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

Customer Reviews

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Alexander P.

Was more then happy with my purchase!

A cool box experience, marred by shipping issues

This was a fun little box. I got a base M3, an F1 and a sick looking PA1 in 350g. Which is awesome because it is my putting putter and I didn't think anything could look better than the King of the Forest discs and 350g is my favorite plastic. The swirls and plastic are second to none. As with their misprint mystery box, I would purchase this again.

Unlike the misprint mystery box, this experience was hampered by shipping issues. It took one full month (I got my box today on 3/17) to get my order. Which I know is likely not Prodigy's fault. But they were all shoulder shrugs when I reached out after having my order sit in pre shipment for three weeks. (Label created 2/16, first scanned/accepted in GA 3/9)

They have a large amount of goodwill with me by offering such great plastic at what I would consider a great value. I will continue to purchase their Monday Mystery Box items because I enjoy them and see the value in them. Hopefully this is an exception that proves the rule that Prodigy is a leading retailer in disc golf.

Cool looking discs

Box was okay, discs look good but not worth what it costs. Service was only okay this time around, had issues with shipping which was not Prodigy's fault, but they weren't helpful when I reached out. Will probably think hard about purchasing a mystery box again.

Rudy J.
Mystery Bachs

Pretty nice, learned i love the F3 because of it!

Chris F.
Mystery Box

Nice selection, picked up a spectrum P3, a base A4 and a D1, Im torn on buying again because I would have only purchased one of these disc. Might give it one more shot.

Christopher F.

Got some sweet spectrum 750 F1 and F3 lovin. Plus a 300 M1. BOOM SAUCE! THANKS GUYS

Tyler S.
It was ok.

Spectrum putter and driver with a base model fairway. No stamps on spectrum discs. Which is fine but I was still slightly bummed. The plastic felt great and the swirls were awesome even though my driver color was def not my first choice. I don’t think I would buy this same box again. Everyone kind of got the same thing from what I have seen.

David R.
Not so mysterious - Beautiful selection

It is never a question on whether you are going to get a good mystery box. High quality plastic and beautiful colors. On top of how they look they fly even better. Great job as always!

Kyle R.
Prodigy plastic is the best!

I love mystery boxes! I am always pleasantly surprised by what is inside! I haven't had a prodigy disc I haven’t liked! My only disappointment is I can’t rate this higher.

Alex N.
havent recieved my item

Although I gave this 2 stars I will say that every other purchase I've had from prodigy has had zero issues. I am still waiting for my shipment to arrive. I'm not sure how much USPS is also at fault but it just sucks to still not have my 2 mystery boxes.

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