Monday Mystery Box (10/12) - 3 Discs

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The Monday Mystery Box is back with a variety of molds and plastics from base to premium to provide a nice mix! Just a head's up there will be a large number of discs in weights under 170 g in the boxes.

Grab one and see what goodies come to your door!

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Worth it

Good discs and even better colors

Awesome discs

Great value.

Michael C.
Good deal

I wanted to get my hands on some Prodigy plastic since I've heard good things. I'm absolutely loving the mid range and putter. Looking forward to the next mystery box!

Joshua S.
Great box

Nice variety

Joshua C.
Great Addition

Got the box with a X3 in 400G, PA3 in 350G, and F2 in 500. Very pleased with all the disc, a great addition to the bag especially I've been using the X3 all the time. Also, great plastic, have not seen a single dent or scratch after hitting trees.

Andrew E.
Mystery discs in mystery box

Got my box with some great plastic. Had to call Prodigy to figure out what I received but once I knew I was pleased with the mix. All solid discs that will find a spot in my Prodigy quiver.

Nice white mystery discs

I’m overall happy, but maybe got a little more mystery than I preferred. All 3 of my discs were white-ish with specialty stamps and one I really couldn’t read the handwriting. I know the special stamps are common in mystery boxes, and many probably prefer them, so only docking a point for the handwriting and lack of color variety. I’m still pretty new to the game and I just like my discs to say what they are on them... part of why I like the prodigy naming convention.
Anyhow I received:
I think a D1? in 400?
MX-3 in 350G
PA-3 in 300? glow
Still happy with it and would probably buy again... because I have an addiction.

Francisco M.
Cool discs

Awesome box. Got a 700 pa3 with the mini pd logo. It’s my favorite disc now. Also 2 throwers

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