Monday Mystery Box - 3 Discs

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We have a special Monday Mystery Box, featuring an three assorted molds in different Spectrum Plastic types. The boxes will also include a premium disc with one of various Prodigy logo stamps and a misprint disc, as well.

These are some awesome boxes with a shot at rare discs you'll love to have in the collection!

(Actual box does not appear as shown in photo. Discs pictured are for example only.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Alden C.
So good!

Got 3 awesome discs from this box.
166 D3 750g spectrum
175 F7 400 spectrum
180 Mx3 750 spectrum
Always worth it!

Shawn P.

The 3 discs I got are awesome. They feel great in the hand and fly wonderfully. The H2 750 spectrum is especially nice being a lighter weight. Almost acts like a H2V2 without the extra glide. Really nice for those shots where you need a disc to sit. The Pa-3 is flat top and lighter as well. Really nice outta the hand. The 3rd is a sweet F-7 that is more like a F-6, so it gets used for rollers and tailwind shots. Over very pleased. Gotta love Prodigy.

Tim K.
Sweet Box

Got all the discs I requested a really Cool blue Spectrum D3. F7, and M3.

Dustin N.
Awesome deal

A good bang for your buck.

Eric R.
Great Bundle

I recieved a 400 Spectrum A2 out of this bundle. Prodigy is really good about sending 1 disc from each platform in the mystery boxes. A putter, mid, driver combo. Everything they send, a buyer wants, if not, they can easily be sold to someone who's looking for them including the misprint. Great choice to get this!

Bradley B.
The best disc hands down

Bradley Benson I absolutely love the disc I got and prodigy disc in general will not play with anything else

Kenneth S.
Customer Service

Awesome customer service. Disc arrived in a timely manner and are super sweet

Colby F.

Got box of disc!! Prodigy knows what they are doing!

Alex M.
great selections

really pleased to get a proto m4 in swirly orange, Cale's vitruvian man stamp m4 is my favorite mid! Also got an OG H3 in spectrum 400 plastic, a disc that coincidentally filled a gap in my bag and I'm really liking the way it has performed after a couple rounds. third disc was a misprint ace line driver, haven't thrown it yet, but I'll test it out in the field soon

Ernesto A.
Mystery box REVIEW!

Ordered 2 Proto-mystery boxes and unfortunately didn’t get anything I was looking for, I got 2 Mx-3s, 3 fairways(f1,f2,f5) And an unmarked pa4. My first thought wasn’t disappointment but dissatisfied for not getting an open variety of discs instead of a getting 2 of the same mold and like 3 fairways. My point is I’m hoping next time there’s a mix of drivers, fairways, mids, and or putters

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