3 Disc Gannon Buhr Signature Box

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Gannon Buhr is on the rise, and part of that is thanks to those emerald 350G PA-3s that keep finding the bottom of the basket. We went ahead and TEAM stamped some of them in different shades of emerald, teal, and light mint green and had him sign them for you to collect. One is labeled as a "1/1" by Gannon himself with one of his favorite sayings.

In the box we are adding a "GB" logo 350G PA-3 you can throw or putt with and his Signature Series D1 in 400 Plastic.

Check it out and help support Gannon as he continues his tour season!


Customer Reviews

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Justin M.
Great discs, poor quality control

Ordered this set to support Gannon's tour efforts as one of the up and coming stars of the sport. Proud that Prodigy has signed him and hope to keep him as a part of the team.

I was planning to use the D1 as a thrower, but I am a little disappointed with the quality control of the discs. I realize that most of the discs are manufactured overseas now, and Prodigy does not have 100% oversight of them. 2 putters and a 400 plastic D1 for $60 is not a fantastic deal, but like I said, I am supporting Gannon's efforts. The driver could have easily been sold as a misprint, as most of "Signature" on the "Prodigy Disc Signature Series 400 D1" part of the stamp was rubbed off. Someone felt the need to fix the stamp with a ball point pen, rather than putting the disc in the misprint pile. The lettering on the stamp is not as crisp as it used to be on older runs, like the press is not making full contact when applying the foil.

I am a 100% Prodigy thrower, and love the plastics and quality of the discs. Please step up your QC!

Dan C.
WARNING: Extremely Cold!

The Buhr Box ™️ puts the competition ON ICE. Happy to support Gannon and get some of his signature discs in premium Prodigy plastic as well. The D1 and PA-3 feel great and fly even better with a touch of GB.

Tony P.
Gannon Buhr 3 disc set

Fast shipping, great discs, great deal!! Wouldn’t expect anything less from Prodigy Discs!

Brent w.
Great package

Package went above and beyond. Awesome deal.

Maxtin G.
Great deal

Love the feel of the pa-3 and the d1 flies great. Also some of the proceeds go to a local so thats always a bonus.

Great set from Gannon!

The 3 disc set is a great value. The PA3 is awesome as usual. The D1 is very OS and the 400 plastic feels great in your hand.

Robert V.
3 Disc Gannon Buhr box set

Love the discs!
Saving them for my collection and purchased another D1 for a thrower Great discs Prodigy! Waiting for Prodigy to sponsor me

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