Weekend Roundup: Dickerson Defends Home Turf, Leiviska Wins Fifth Straight


Article by Idris Garcia | Cover Photo by Katelyn Desnoyer

Chris Dickerson calls Limestone, Tenn., home—residing less than an hour from the site of The Tennessee State Disc Golf Championships held in Morristown. There, Dickerson claimed his third straight state title in dominant fashion.

He built his lead over the course of the four-round A-Tier, and what started as a two stroke round one deficit became a 16 stroke win when the last putt dropped after the final nine. It’s the largest winning margin in the tournament’s history.

Dickerson’s 1067-rated fourth round set him up with a 13 stroke cushion ahead of the finals, ultimately finishing with a 67-under par 226 total. He has now won 11 of his 19 starts.

Nicholas Masters made the final 9 and finished fifth and Alden Harris finished sixth, missing the finals by just a stroke. Brandon Brown finished in a tie for eighth. In the amateur divisions, Billy Ray Osborn placed fourth in Amateur Masters 50+ and Adam Osborn tied for eighth in Intermediate.

Cale Leiviska continued his own winning ways, reeling off a fifth consecutive win at The Iron Range Classic.  Leiviska won the Buhl, Minn., event by eight strokes, shooting the hot score in both rounds. His 8-under par 102 beat out teammates Daniel Polk and Patrick Christie, who tied for second.  

Luke Masucci picked up a win in the Junior Division and Troy Pendzimas tied for third in Amateur Masters 40+ while also running the event.

Dickerson isn’t the only reigning state champ as Jacob Henson won The 36th Annual State Disc Golf Championships in North Little Rock. Henson himself worked back from a first round deficit to win the event by three, sealing the comeback by shooting the hot score in the final round. He totaled an 18-under 144 for his first win of 2019. Tray Desnoyer tied for fifth and Vann Moss took solo seventh.

Cameron Colglazier and Michael Gibney pose with their City of Mobile Doubles Championship plaques.

Cameron Colglazier and Michael Gibney pose with their City of Mobile Doubles Championship plaques.

Cameron Colglazier doubled up on his Mobile, Ala., titles with a City of Mobile Doubles Championship win. He partnered up witch Michael Gibney to take it down after claiming the City of Mobile Championship singles title earlier in the year. Logan Weiss and his partner took second, and Mike Brown and his partner won the Pro Masters Division.

Brent Waters, Kenny Berra and Christie also claimed doubles wins. Waters won the Turtle River Fundraiser Doubles while Berra and Christie teamed up to win the North Shore Doubles Buhl.

Nick Snelling held on to win the 2019 Day at Dewitt in Iowa by a stroke. Snelling posted the hot score in the first round and held off second place in the final round to finish on top with a 13-under 101 total. It was his second win in a row.

Ricky Snapp also took a one stroke win in Richmond, Va., at the Battlefield Open. Snapp charged back from a three stroke deficit with a 1043-rated second round. His 19-under 89 total led to his first win of the year.

Noah Higgins took the win at the Raven Springs Sasquatch Scramble in Caroline, Alberta, Canada. Higgins scorched the field by 12 after rattling off a 1054-rated second round. His career-best round brought him to a 24-under 90 total in the first Open win of his career.

Bobby Jones won Pro Masters 50+ at the 2019 Mine Kill Disc Golf Championship in North Blenheim, N.Y. Jones racked up an eight stroke cushion over four rounds to stay undefeated in the division, winning all three starts in Pro Masters 50+ this year.

Tournament Player - Finish
The Tennessee State Disc Golf Championships 🏆 Chris Dickerson - 1st
Nicholas Masters - 5th
Alden Harris - 6th
Brandon Brown - T-8th

Billy Ray Osborn - 4th (MA40)

Adam Osborn - T-8th (Int)
Battlefield Open 🏆 Ricky Snapp – 1st
Iron Range Classic 🏆 Cale Leiviska – 1st
Daniel Polk - 2nd
Patrick Christie - 3rd

🏆 Luke Masucci - 1st (Juniors)

Troy Pendzimas - T-3rd (MA40)
The 36th Annual Arkansas State Disc Golf Championships 🏆 Jacob Henson - 1st
Tray Desnoyer - 5th
Vann Moss - 7th
2019 Day at Dewitt 🏆 Nick Snelling - 1st
Raven Springs Sasquatch Scramble 🏆 Noah Higgins - 1st
2019 Mine Kill Disc Golf Championship 🏆 Bobby Jones - 1st
City of Mobile Disc Golf Championships 🏆 Cameron Colglazier - 1st
🏆 Michael Gibney - 1st
Logan Weiss - 2nd

🏆 Mike Brown - 1st (MP40)
Deaf Central Open 🏆 Jeremy Farnsworth
Ben Lewis - 2nd

🏆 Robin Johnson - 1st (MP40)

🏆 Phil Anger - 1st (Adv)
Tyrel Wilding - 2nd (Adv)
North Shore Doubles Buhl 🏆 Kenny Berra - 1st
🏆 Patrick Christie - 1st
Jammin Chains Classic Dylan Holt - T-4th
Codee Burton - T-4th
Ezra Robinson - T-8th
The Nacogdoches Open G.T. Hancock - 4th
Reedy3 Brandon Robertson - T-2nd
2019 Lucky Disc Golf Open Josh Flynn - 5th
D.J. Gilbert - 7th