Weekend Roundup: Core Team Highlights a Successful Weekend


Article by Idris Garcia | Cover Photo by DGPT

Paul Ulibarri and Catrina Allen posted top-15 National Tour finishes while fellow Core Team members Chris Dickerson, Will Schusterick and Ragna Bygde Lewis picked up wins.

Vanessa Van Dyken and Melody Waibel joined Allen with strong showings at the Santa Cruz Master’s Cup in Santa Cruz, Calif. Allen led the way by battling her way to a second place finish at a 15-over par 219.

Van Dyken was playing her first event of the year after dealing with an injury. She totaled a 24-over par 228 to finish seventh. Waibel finished in 13th with a 33-over par 237. Ulibarri tossed a 13-under par 191 for a 12th place showing on the Open Men’s side.

Dickerson torched the final round at Huk Central in Central, S.C., shooting a 1064-rated fourth round to cap his 14th win of the year. He included a 1059-rated second round on the way to a 46-under par 194 total for the two-stroke victory.

Dustin Perry finished seventh at a 25-under par 215, and Matt Versola finished eighth two strokes back. 

Bygde Lewis has also gotten comfortable atop the podium, as she notched her fourth win in five events in 2018. She had the top score for both rounds at the Gratiot Co Open in Ithica, Mich., to secure an 11 stroke margin. She totaled a 5-over par 113.

Schusterick trekked around his home state of Tennessee to play two events, winning the Cookeville Clash on Sunday.  He had the hot score of both rounds in Cookeville to shoot a 21-under par 91. Teammates Dylan Holt and Austin Lytle landed in a three-way tie for third with matching 16-under par 96 totals. Holt tied Schusterick for the hot round in the last round. Billy Ray Osborn won the Amateur Masters 40+ Division at the event with an 11-under par 101. The five stroke win was his second on the weekend, as he won the same division a day before at the Tommy Schumpert Open in Knoxville, Tenn., with a 2-under par 117. Schusterick finished fourth in Open Men.

Several Prodigy players played well at the 10th Annual Madisonville Open, an A-Tier in Madisonville, Ky. Sam Lee finished on top with a 36-under par 166 over three rounds. Lee used a 1046-rated second round and a 1034-rated third round to average an impressive 62 points above his rating. 

Teammate Jacob Henson did not go down without a fight, leading after round one and matching Lee’s hot score in round three to secure second place with a 34-under par 168 total. Dutch Napier’s 26-under par 176 put him in fourth. 

On the amateur side, Harper Thompson bounced back from a tough first round to take the win in Intermediate with a 15-under par 182. Thomson was seven strokes off the lead to start the second round and finished the event three strokes ahead of second. 

Jared Person won the Swards’ Ranch Classic 2018, shooting a 16-under par 98. The three stroke victory in Outside Norris, Mont., was his second win in as many events on the year. 

Dan Hastings got his third win of 2018 at the 18th Annual Tar Heel Tournament in Durham, N.C. Hastings rode a 1055-rated second round to a 40-under par 180 total over four rounds. He got the win by six. 

Bobby Jones dominated the Pro Masters 50+ division at the Ironwood Open in Portersville/Slipper Rock, Penn., winning by nine throws. Jones totaled a 29-under par 179 over three rounds. Sam Castiglione took second in Open Men after an 18-under par 181 put him in a playoff for first. 

North of the border, Noah Higgins won Advanced at the Alberta Open XXIV in MD Foothills, Alberta, Canada. His 4-over par 180 was good for a two stroke margin. 

Ben Lewis will get to reign for a year as a Minnesota state champion in Intermediate. Lewis tossed a 1-under par 177 to finish five strokes ahead of second as the only competitor in his division under par at the 2018 Minnesota Amateur Disc Golf Championships in South St. Paul, Minn. 

Patrick Christie and Kenny Berra got an unsanctioned win in doubles action at Northshore Doubles.

Tournament Player - Finish
Cookeville Clash 🏆 Will Schusterick – 1st
Dylan Holt – T-3rd
Austin Lytle – T 3rd

🏆 Billy Ray Osborn – 1st (AM40+)
Huk Central 🏆 Chris Dickerson – 1st
Dustin Perry – 7th
Matt Versola – 8th
10th Annual Madisonville Open 🏆 Sam Lee – 1st
Jacob Henson – 2nd
Dutch Napier – T 4th

🏆 Harper Thompson - 1st (Int)
18th Annual Tar Heel Tournament 🏆 Dan Hastings – 1st
Gratiot Co Open 🏆 Ragna Bygde Lewis – 1st (FPO)
Swards’ Ranch Classic 2018 🏆 Jared Person – 1st
Ironwood Open 🏆 Bobby Jones – 1st (MPM 50+

Sam Castiglione – 2nd
Tommy Schumpert Open 🏆 Billy Ray Osborn – 1st (MA40+)

Will Schusterick – 4th
Northshore Doubles 🏆 Patrick Christie – 1st
🏆 Kenny Berra – 1st
Alberta Open XXIV 🏆 Noah Higgins – 1st (Adv)
2018 Minnesota Amateur Disc Golf Championships 🏆 Ben Lewis – 1st (Int)
Santa Cruz Masters Cup Catrina Allen – 2nd (FPO)
Vanessa Van Dyken – T 7th (FPO)
Melody Waibel – 13th (FPO)

Paul Ulibarri – 12th
Rio Pueblo Open Robert Huizar – 2nd (MPM 40+)

Marcos Castillo – T 4th
Pine Jam Cameron Messerschmidt – 2nd
Downtown Throwdown 4 Ben Page – T 2nd
15th Annual Black Fly Fling Clayton Morgan – 2nd
Jason Jalonen – 3rd
Lemmon Drop Pete Ulibarri – 3rd
Bombing The Pines 3rd Stop of The Foothills Points Series Delany Thomas – T 3rd (Adv)
Idaho Masters Josh Flynn – 5th
D.J. Gilbert – T 6th