Weekend Roundup: Allen Dominates Again for NT Win, Dickerson ‘Huks’ to A-Tier Crown


Article by Idris Garcia

It seems best to stay out of Catrina Allen’s way as her roll is showing no signs of slowing down. Allen’s seven stroke, wire-to-wire romp at the Santa Cruz Masters Cup is her third Elite Series win in a row and comes on the heels of her nine stroke win the previous weekend.

It also marks her second National Tour win in a row where she leads the overall race with 295 points thanks to two wins and a second place finish. In 11 events this year, Allen has finished lower than second just once, a fourth place finish at The Memorial.

Allen led by one after the first round on the tricky Delaveaga Disc Golf Course and maintained her hold on the lead with an impressive 1010-rated even-par 73 in a rain soaked second round. She capped off the tournament with a 991-rated final round in which she went 4-under on the back nine of the Delaveaga Golf Course.

Allen finished with a 2-under 204 total as the only competitor in Open Women to finish under par while putting on another clinic in accuracy. She led in fairway hits, parked percentage and circle 2 in regulation.

Kevin Jones, Matt Orum, and Manabu Kajiyama added top-20 showings in Open. Jones and Orum finished in a tie for 11th, while Kajiyama came overseas  from Japan and finished 17th. Jones now sits in fifth in the NT points standings.

Dickerson Wins Third Huk Central Title, Robinson Unstoppable in Georgia 

Chris Dickerson made the trip to Central, S.C., where he has had a plenty of success since he first played Huk Central in 2016, winning three of his four starts at the A-Tier event.

Chris Dickerson throws during the final round of the Glass Blown Open.

Chris Dickerson throws during the final round of the Glass Blown Open.

Dickerson laid the foundation for a strong event with a 1079-rating opening round. He shot the hot round again in the third round with a 1067-rated effort and finished at a 47-under 193 over four rounds.

Dickerson three stroke win was his ninth—first at an A-Tier—of the year. He has yet to finish outside of the top-10 in 2019. Lance Brown finished in a seventh place tie and Austin Lytle tied for 10th.

Ezra Robinson’s win in Cumming, Ga., at Throwmageddon IV kept his singles slate clean in his home state. He has won three events in a row and remains undefeated in Georgia, winning all six of his singles events.

Robinson started with a 1059-rated first round and also had the hot score in round two. He totaled a 19-under 109.

Sam Shiley took his first win of the year at the Martinsburg Mayflower in West Virginia. Shiley averaged 46 points above his rating on the way to an 18-under 94 total over two rounds. John Biscoe topped the Pro Masters 50+ field by five at the event, shooting a 2-under 110.

Shinah Kim won Open Women in Gimhae/Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea at Episode 1 – The Phantom Turtle. Kim finished in a tie for the lead after the first round and narrowly edged the second place competitor by a stroke in the second round. Hyundo Jang finished ninth in Open.

Teammates Justin Ashton and Daniel Sweet needed extra holes to settle the DDGA West Open 2019 in Rupert, Idaho. The pair were knotted with matching 13-under 179’s. Sweet jumped out to a lead with a 1039-rated opening round but Ashton came back with the hot score in rounds two and three to tie it and won the playoff. Emil Cornish finished in fifth.

Jason Jalonen and Al Kennon each picked up wins in Pro Masters 40+. Jalonen won the Sweet Sixteen Black Fly Fling in South River, Ontario, Canada and Kennon won The South City Warmup in St. Louis, Mo. Luke Masucci won the Junior Division at the Wilde Avenue Warmup in South St. Paul, Minn.

Tournament Player - Finish
Santa Cruz Masters Cup 🏆 Catrina Allen - 1st (FPO)

Kevin Jones - T-11th
Matt Orum - T-11th
Manabu Kajiyama - T-17th
Huk Central 🏆 Chris Dickerson – 1st
Lance Brown – T-7th
Austin Lytle - T-10th
Throwmageddon IV 🏆 Ezra Robinson – 1st
Martinsburg Mayflower 🏆 Sam Shiley - 1st

🏆 John Biscoe - 1st (MP50)
Episode 1 – The Phantom Turtle 🏆 Shinah Kim - 1st (FPO)

Hyundo Jang
DDGA West Open 2019 🏆 Justin Ashton - 1st
Daniel Sweet - 2nd
Emil Cornish - 5th
The South City Warmup 🏆 Al Kennon - 1st (MP40)
Sweet Sixteen Black Fly Fling 🏆 Jason Jalonen - 1st (MP40)
Wilde Avenue Warmup 🏆 Luke Masucci - 1st (Juniors)
South City Showdown Al Kennon - 3rd (MP40)
Battle Fore Sibley VI Brent Waters - T-3rd
Discraft Kalamazoo Open Adam Osborn - 3rd (Int)
2019 Legion of Doom Jeremy Farnsworth - 4th
Jesse Kirk - T-5th
Alberta Open – 2019 Noah Higgins - 4th