Double Weekend Roundup: Dickerson Repeats as Savannah Open Champ for First Win


Article by Idris Garcia | Cover Photo by Katelyn Desnoyers

Last year’s trip to Savannah, Ga., yielded Chris Dickerson’s first of 32 wins in 2018. How many wins he will rack up in 2019 remains to be seen, but the Savannah Open has again provided a viable springboard.

Dickerson went wire-to-wire over the course of three rounds and a final six to win by five. He failed to finish with the hot round just once and kept his distance in the final six with a 1069-rated effort. Lance Brown and Dustin Perry finished fourth and eighth, respectively.

Cameron Colglazier nabbed a six stroke win at the Southside Winter Slam, a Southern Nationals event. Colglazier had the best score in both rounds in the Eight Mile, Ala., event. Mike Brown picked up the win in Pro Masters 40+.

Tanner Girouard ran away with The Blast in Houston, Texas, for his first win of the year. He also posted the low score in both rounds, and ultimately won by 10 strokes with a 19-under par 89 total.

Bobby Jones added a win in Winterfest, an unsanctioned event in Buffalo, N.Y.

Tournament Player - Finish
Savannah Open 🏆 Chris Dickerson - 1st
Lance Brown - 4th
Dustin Perry - 8th
The Blast 🏆 Tanner Girouard - 1st
26th annual St. Cloud Ice Bowl 🏆 Daniel Polk - 1st (MP40)
Southside Winter Slam 🏆 Cameron Colglazier - 1st

🏆 Mike Brown - 1st (MP40)
Straddle the Brazos 🏆 Vinnie Miller - 1st (MP50)
Tuscaloosa 54 🏆 Michael Gibney - 1st
Winterfest 🏆 Bobby Jones - 1st
2019 UFOS Taylor Mountain NWCS Ryan Dickson - 2nd
Shelly Sharpe Memorial Taylor Salanoa - T-9th
2019 Best of the Best Open Hyundo Jang - 4th

Shinah Kim - 3rd (FPO)
Don’t Wake the Bear Delany Thomas - 2nd (Adv)
Borderland Winter Warmup Doubles Alex Sakash - T-3rd
Shelby Shootout Blake Waldron - T-2nd
Vann Moss - 6th