Weekend Roundup: Allen Wins Seventh A-Tier, Four Other Core Team Members Also Hit Maple Hill on High Note


Article by Idris Garcia | Cover photo Eino Ansio for Konopiste Open

Catrina Allen has not played an event lower than an A-Tier since mid-May, racking up six wins in the process and finishing outside of the top-4 just once. Last weekend, she won The Vacationland Open in Turner, Maine, for her seventh A-Tier win of the year. 

Allen tossed an 11-under par 157 over three rounds, highlighted by a 979-rated second round to win by two in wire-to-wire fashion. She was tied for the lead after round one but was in control from there, as she heads into the MVP Open at Maple Hill, the last Disc Golf Pro Tour Event before the finale, on a positive note. Cooper Legee tied for ninth in Open Men.

Several other teammates followed suit, as Cale Leiviska, Chris Dickerson, Paul Ulibarri, and Matt Orum also won events ahead of the trek to Maple Hill. Leiviska joined Allen in winning an A-Tier at the Cedar Creek Open in Fairmont, Minn.

He lit up the course with a 41-under par 157 over three rounds and a final nine, which led to a whopping 12 stroke margin. Leiviska’s lowest-rated round of the event was 1055-rated. He had the hot score in every round, and each rating was better than the last. He averaged an eye-popping 1063.8 rating for the event, highlighted by a 1075-rated final nine. 

Mitch Privette made his way into the finals and finished third with a 28-under par 170. Ben Kroll and Daniel Polk finished in a tie for eighth with matching 17-under par 154 without playing a final nine. 

Dickerson won his 22nd event of the year at The Knoxville Open in his home state of Tennessee. He was in a four-way tie for first after round one, but a 1055-rated second round pulled him ahead of teammate Michael Gibney by three. 

Dickerson totaled a 21-under par 107. Colin Forehand finished in a tie for third with a 16-under par 112. 

Ulibarri climbed back atop the podium at the 2018 Rose City Open in Portland, Ore. He fired off a 1051-rated first round and 1061-rated second round on the way to 24-under par 138 over three rounds. Those two low scores helped fend off the competition in the final round to win by one. 

Orum’s triumph came in New York, at the 4th Annual Buffalo Flying Disc Open. He shot a 30-under par 192 for a comfortable win by six throws. He didn’t shoot the low score until the final nine, instead, remained steady and consistent over the course of the event to pull away. Cameron Messerschmidt also made the finals after three rounds and finished second with a 24-under par 198. 

Six other Prodigy team members also picked up wins last weekend. Dan Hastings got a four-stroke win at The Oak Hollow Open 2018 in High Point, N.C. He paced the field by averaging 13 points above his rating over three rounds to shoot a 30-under par 139. Lance Brown tied for fifth at the event with a 24-under par 145. 

Clayton Morgan got a four-stroke victory of his own at the Flatts Classic. His low score in rounds two and three helped propel him to the top with a 25-under par 137 at the St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, event. Jamie Pay tied for fifth with a 6-under par 156.

Jacob Henson won The 2nd Annual Tupelo Summer Meltdown by five. His 16-under par 100 was highlighted by a 1043-rated first round during the two round event in Mississippi.  

Sam Lee took the Flying Pig Open crown in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lee shot an 18-under par 122 for a narrow win by one. At the Battle of Credit Island in Davenport, Iowa, Nick Snelling took the top spot after tossing a 23-under par 99 over two rounds. 

Gannon Buhr won the Advanced Division at the 2nd Annual Over Stable Run in Ames, Iowa with a 13-under par 97. It is the 14-year-old’s fourth Advanced win of the year.

Tournament Player - Finish
Cedar Creek Open 🏆 Cale Leiviska - 1st
Mitch Privette - 3rd
Ben Kroll - T-8th
Daniel Polk - T-8th
The Vacationland Open 🏆 Catrina Allen - 1st (FPO)

Cooper Legee - T-9th
Knoxville Open 🏆 Chris Dickerson - 1st
Michael Gibney - 2nd
Colin Forehand - T-3rd
4th Annual Buffalo Flying Disc Open 🏆 Matt Orum - 1st
Cameron Messerschmidt - 3rd
2018 Rose City Open 🏆 Paul Ulibarri - 1st
The 2nd Annual Tupelo Summer Meltdown 🏆 Jacob Henson - 1st
Flying Pig Open 🏆 Sam Lee - 1st
Flatts Classic 🏆 Clayton Morgan - 1st
Jamie Pay - T-5th
Oak Hollow Open 🏆 Dan Hastings - 1st
Lance Brown - T-5th
Battle of Credit Island 🏆 Nick Snelling - 1st
2nd Annual Over Stable Run 🏆 Gannon Buhr - 1st (Adv)
European Disc Golf Championships Seppo Paju - 2nd
Väinö Mäkelä - 3rd
Marvin Tetzel - T-9th

Vanessa Van Dyken - 8th (FPO)
Sini Lindholm - 9th
The Twin Falls ClasSIC Josh Flynn - 4th
Hamilton County Open Sam Lee - 5th
Alberta Provincial Doubles Noah Higgins - 2nd