Weekend Roundup: Page ‘Breezes’ to a Win, Ferguson Earns Ironman Title


Article by Idris Garcia | Cover Photo by Full Flight Disc

Ben Page was feeling it at the Summer Breeze at Mastin Lake in Huntsville, Ala., winning the hometown event by 11 strokes.
Page cruised to a 22-under par 86 with two rounds rated in the mid 1030’s. He averaged more than 42 points over his rating, and did the majority of his damage in round two where he shot the hot score by six strokes.

Donny Ferguson celebrates with two of his trophies after Pandemic 7.

Donny Ferguson celebrates with two of his trophies after Pandemic 7.

Donny Ferguson also had himself a nice weekend at Pandemic 7 in Milwaukee, Wis. Ferguson won the singles title with a 5-under 131, taking the lead in round one and posting a second solid round to win by three. He added a doubles win over the weekend, and those two feats landed Ferguson the Ironman title for shooting the best overall score for the weekend.

Nick Snelling picked up his fourth win of the year in Muscatine, Iowa, at the Fuller Park Showdown. Snelling was tied at the top after the first round, and was able to find some separation in round two. He totaled a 10-under 102 to win by four.

Michael Habets won the Clement Classic 2019 in Haverhill, Mass., for his second win of the year. Habets turned in a 1040-rated second round after leading in round one to secure the top spot.

Daniel Polk tallied his second Pro Masters 40+ A-Tier win in a row at the Cedar Creek Open. Polk dominated in Fairmont, Minn., pushing his lead out to 12 strokes. He posted the best score in all three rounds to rack up a 29-under 173 total.

Mike Brown has also been a force to reckon with in the Pro Masters 40+ ranks down in the Southeast. While he has a number of singles titles on the year, this time he took the win at New Orleans Doubles with his partner.

Billy Ray Osborn nabbed an A-Tier win himself at the Madisonville Kentucky Open. He tossed a 21-under 176 over three rounds to win the Amateur Masters 50+ division by eight. It marks his 10th win of the year across two divisions. His son, Adam, tied for third in Intermediate.

John Biscoe added a four stroke win at Spoon’s Summer Showdown at Turkey Hill Park in La Playa, Md., with a 9-under 106 over two rounds. He overcame a four stroke deficit after the first round to hoist the Pro Masters 50+ trophy.

Noah Higgins won Advanced at the NG Exclusive Homestead Classic in Foothills County, Alberta, Canada. He snuck out the win in round two with a one stroke advantage.

Bobby Jones and his teammates repeated as Can-Am Cup champions.

Tournament Player - Finish
The 27th Mad City Open 🏆 Cale Leiviska - 1st
Donny Ferguson - 2nd

🏆 Daniel Polk - 1st (MP40)
Fuller Park Showdown Singles 🏆 Nick Snelling - 1st
Cedar Creek Open 🏆 Daniel Polk - 1st (MP40)
Pandemic 7 Singles 🏆 Donny Ferguson - 1st
Pandemic 7 Doubles 🏆 Donny Ferguson - 1st
Summer Breeze at Mastin Lake 🏆 Ben Page - 1st
New Orleans Doubles 🏆 Mike Brown - 1st (MP40)
Clement Classic 2019 🏆 Michael Habets - 1st
Madisonville Kentucky Open 🏆 Billy Ray Osborn - 1st (MA50)

Adam Osborn - T-3rd (Int)
Spoon’s Summer Showdown at Turkey Hill Park 🏆 John Biscoe - 1st (MP50)
NG Exclusive Homestead Classic 🏆 Noah Higgins - 1st (Adv)
Can-Am Cup 🏆 Bobby Jones - 1st
Cedar Hill Open G.T. Hancock - T-3rd
Tanner Girouard - T-9th
Christie Lake Summer Sizzler Clayton Morgan - 3rd
Rally of Rochester Gage Benson - 6th
Hickory Hills Open Cameron Benak - T-5th
Hollows Ironman Doubles Alex Sakash - 2nd
23rd Annual Hotlanta Austin Lytle - 3rd
Alden Harris - T-4th
Dylan Holt - 10th