Video: Utah Open 2018 Powered by Prodigy Disc


It's been about a week since the Utah Open finished, so we'd like to take this chance to thank everybody who helped make this event so successful. We had a great time in Utah and it wouldn't be possible with the hard work of Jade Sewell, Team Utah Open, Disc Golf Pro Tour and everybody else involved!

From Jade Sewell - "I also want to thank my team and all members that came out to spot. Big Jim Gerdes, David Ekenstam, William Hardee, Jared Cutlip, William Scott Bauer, Ted Hegemann, Preston Sorensen, Todd C. Chapman. You guys are my heroes! I always knew Rob Bullen would have the perfect amount of energy for the announcer job :). Also did a majority of printing, thanks Rob! Thanks Mike Milne for all your years of knowledge and help, fantastic job! Big big thanks to Jason Rippon, Hope Rippon, Infinite Disc, Alan Barker and crew, Rodney Tripp, Andrew Jackson, Bill Morris, Kip and the Mulligans crew, Wolf Creek Resort, Zuca Cart, Grip6, Visit Ogden, Royal Star, ADS Motorsports, Valley Market, Vanish Clothing, Archetype Pendants, Bio Nativus, Waterdawgs, Black Ace Gear, Paul McBeth for changing his mind :) (I promised my kids it would happen some day lol) and the PDGA, thanks so much!! Brandon Mook Merzlock was in control and a major contributor to our tournament, thanks Brandon and UDisc Live!! Thanks DGPT crew, I will miss you all especially Steven Dodge and Patrick. Thanks to all film crews especially Terry Miller and his crew. Last but not least, ALL volunteers, ALL contestants, ALL spectators, my assistant TD Taylor Pili Salanoa and of course our title sponsor Prodigy Disc!! Benson, Will Schusterick, Esther Benaim, Michael Gibney and Michael Sullivan really helped make this tournament happen. Congratulations to Ricky Wysocki and Catrina Allen. I'm still sad it's over but trust me we are already planning for next year :). love you all and see you next year!"