Team Prodigy Tournament Results - May 4 - 7, 2017

MAY 4 - 7, 2017

This week's round-up of Team Prodigy tournament results is undoubtedly the largest we've ever had, and that's not the best part! There was a total of 16 first place finishes, from 14 different players. Amazing work to all our team members who competed this past weekend!

Tournament Player - Finish
Acorn Open Cale Leiviska - 1st
Daniel Polk - T 2nd
Mitch Privette - 4th
Derek Thompson - 8th
Jyväskylä Pro Tour Vanessa Van Dyken - 1st (FPO)

Seppo Paju - 1st
Christie Lake Spring Fling Ragna Bygde Lewis - 1st (FPO)

Clayton Morgan - 4th
Jamie Pay - T 9th

Jason Jalonen - 5th (MPM)
The Dogwood Classic Jacob Henson - 1st
Todd Bagwell - 5th

Mandy Sharp - 1st (FPO)
Charlotte Points Race Travis Chumley - 1st
Stephen Bellaire - 4th
Paragon Classic Jesse Kirk - 1st
Nick Snelling - 2nd
Downtown Throwdown Part 3 Joey Lutz - 1st
Michael Gibney - T 5th
Cottonwood Spring Classic Paul Ulibarri - 1st
Nippon Open Manabu Kajiyama - 1st
West Virginia Team Invitational Allie Stone - 1st
Morgan County Hoedown Cody Bradshaw - 1st
Maine Disc Golf Tour Stop #3 Cooper Legee - 1st
DR DG MPT Cooper Legee - 1st
Jones Goose Poop Doubles Jesse Kirk - 1st
Orlando Open Cole Wehrheim - 2nd
Colin Forehand - 4th
Will Schusterick - 6th
Southeastern Juniors Championships Samuel Woodall - 2nd
Judah Woodall - 3rd
City of Mobile Championship Jermie Gates - 2nd
Andrew Montgomery - 4th
Dylan Hunn - T 9th
May Madness Weekend Christopher Collette - 2nd
Huk Central Jennifer McGibbon - 3rd (FPO)

Chris Dickerson - T 5th
Dustin Perry - T 5th
Showdown at Sequoyah Cody Vitali - T 3rd (Adv)
Art Elliott's Mayhem VII Marcos Castillo - 6th

Austin Criswell - 8th (Adv)
Bombing The Pines Delany Thomas - T 7th (Adv)