Team Prodigy Tournament Results - May 18 - 21, 2017


Cover photo by Jari Huotari

Tournament Player - Finish
2017 Masters Cup Catrina Allen - 4th (FPO)

Manabu Kajiyama - 9th
Keisari Tali Open Seppo Paju - 2nd
Welcome to the Jungle II Christopher Collette - 1st
Cooper Legee - 4th
Black Diamond Doubles Bobby Jones - 1st
Dan Hastings - 2nd
Sam Castiglione - 2nd
Pine Jam Melody Waibel - 1st (FPO)
Northshore Doubles Patrick Christie - 1st
South Mississippi Sling Jacob Henson - 1st
9th Annual Madisonville Open Dutch Napier - 2nd
Chris Dickerson - 3rd
Will Schusterick - 8th
Todd Bagwell - 10th

Harper Thompson - 4th (Int)
Adam Osborn - T 7th (Int)
Rio Pueblo Open Kolby Sanchez - 1st (JIII Boys)

Robert Huizar - 2nd (MPM)
Mad Pelican Open Josh Flynn - 2nd
D.J. Gilbert - T 10th
The Up the 10 Mile Creek Classic Cole Wehrheim - 2nd
Tower Ridge Open Collin Bailey - 2nd
The Farragut Fling #1 Jared Person - 2nd
Langley Pond Open Dustin Perry - 2nd
14th Annual Black Fly Fling Clayton Morgan - 3rd
Blue Angel Spring Classic Jerimie Gates - T 3rd
17th Annual Tar Heel Open Lance Brown - 4th
Travis Chumley - 6th
Tully Open Christopher Collette - 10th