Prodigy Disc Inc. expands its ownership base – aiming at faster global expansion


The reigning Finnish disc golf champion, Seppo Paju, and his siblings have made a sizeable investment in Prodigy Disc Inc.

Seppo Paju, Finnish Disc Golf Champion.

Seppo Paju, Finnish Disc Golf Champion.

TURKU, FINLAND. The entrepreneurial Paju siblings of Turku, Finland, founders of Prodigy Disc Europe, are now shareholders in Prodigy Disc Inc. In Finland, the Paju family is well known for its success in real estate and startup businesses. Beginning in 2014, the Pajus have successfully taken care of European distribution for Prodigy Disc. In just four years, the Pajus have grown the sales of Prodigy Disc tenfold in Europe.

Prodigy Disc Inc.’s first five years of business have been a success story. The company started from scratch and already has a full range of disc golf products, ranging from top quality discs, bags and apparel, to the most advanced disc golf targets on the market. The company’s player team is bigger than most with over 200 players representing Prodigy Disc on four continents. The team includes superstars Catrina Allen, Will Schusterick, Paul Ulibarri, Cale Leiviska, Cameron Colglazier, Matt Orum, Seppo Paju, Manabu Kajiyama, Ragna Bygde and Chris Dickerson.

The new equity investment from the Pajus will allow Prodigy Disc to further develop new products and expand more rapidly.  Prodigy Disc is aiming high and has begun adding staff to achieve those goals.  Additional major developments will be announced in the next 18 months.

Michael Sullivan, President of Prodigy Disc Inc., welcomes the new partners.

“The Pajus have done a great job with Prodigy Disc Europe since 2014. Together with their amazing staff, Prodigy Disc’s market share in Europe has grown significantly. They have great experience in business and their financial background is strong. Prodigy Disc is fortunate to get people with such business skills to invest in the company.”

Ilkka Paju, Prodigy Disc Europe’s Chairman of Board, is also thrilled with the deal.

“Our family’s history in disc sports goes back to the 70s when my father, Markku, started playing field sports and imported discs to Finland. Since then, disc sports have changed completely and, in the past two decades, disc golf especially has developed almost to a completely different sport. We expect that it will grow and develop even faster in the future and we definitely want to be part of that development. We have been privileged to see, really close up, how Prodigy Disc has grown so far.  It’s truly amazing what they have accomplished - world titles, major titles, disc selection, baskets and all the accessories. We were also impressed with the fact that Prodigy Disc is now profitable. We are proud that they offered us the opportunity to purchase equity in the company. Our trust in Prodigy Disc Inc. is unswerving and we didn’t hesitate to jump in. We are excited to continue our work to get Prodigy Disc and disc golf to a new level worldwide.”
Markku Paju in Finland in the 1970s.

Markku Paju in Finland in the 1970s.