Dissect Courses with Chris Dickerson's Signature H3 V2 on August 29


Coming off a Top 5 finish at the 2019 PDGA World Championships, we are excited to release Chris Dickerson’s Special Edition Signature Series H3 V2 750 GLOW. Chris Dickerson has earned the moniker “Robot Chicken” thanks to his love of a good chicken tender and his automatic putting stroke that goes along with an even keel and laser-focused demeanor. But he doesn’t just ring up the chains.

Chris also throws booming shots with pinpoint accuracy and is a master at shaping lines thanks to his time in the wooded fairways of Tennessee. That’s why he picked the H3 V2, a straight flyer that’s perfect for hyzer flips or manipulating angles to shape any line. Chris’ signature H3 V2 will come in a 750 GLOW plastic - the first time we have produced this disc and plastic combination - and is brandished with an intricate Robot Chicken stamp.

Available August 29th through shop.prodigydisc.com and Prodigy Disc retailers.

MSRP: $21.00 USD
Weights: 170 - 176 grams

Available AUGUST 29, 2019



“I like the 750 H3 V2 because it's a disc I can throw on a little bit of a hyzer and get it to fly straight. Being a straighter disc it is very workable and easy to manipulate depending on the angle you put it on. As far as the stamp, it's just something that kinda stuck. I kept hearing "robot chicken" so I feel like it's something people really like.”


The Prodigy Disc H3 V2 Hybrid Driver has been built upon the characteristics of the original H3 to create an improved and superior disc. Like the original H3, the H3 V2 is stable to slightly overstable, depending on the thrower’s power. The H3 V2 sports an upgraded shape from the original H3, with a slightly shallower rim depth, offering an easier grip, and an updated outside rim that allows for a consistent, yet faster flight with more glide. This allows the player to gain more distance while maintaining dependability and a slightly overstable finish. The H3 V2 can handle any condition thrown its way and is an excellent choice for backhand and sidearm throwers alike.

750 Plastic is similar in grip and texture to our 400 series but with a firmer feel. This high-tech blend of premium resins will provide outstanding performance and predictability. This plastic is extremely durable. The addition of GLOW allows you to charge up your disc in light and let it glow in the dark!