Following the successful release of the Core Team Series D2, we’re excited to unveil the next Core Team Series Disc. Our Core Team members selected the A2 as it is one of their favorite discs collectively. The Core Team Series A2 features our elite quality 450 Plastic in beautiful, rich purple with show-stopping Glimmer specks molded into the plastic. This disc looks just as amazing as it flies.

The Core Team Series is a collection of limited edition releases in support of our Core Team players, Cale Leiviska, Catrina Allen, Chris Dickerson, Paul Ulibarri, Seppo Paju, Ragna Bygde Lewis and Will Schusterick. We have developed these discs in collaboration with the Core Team members, from the unique plastic types to the stamp designs.

The Prodigy Disc A2 is an over stable utility disc that fills the gap between midranges and putters. The A2 is perfect for power throwers who want to avoid the possibility of their shot turning over. The disc is consistent and reliable in all wind conditions and perfect for short, trick shots as well as high wind approach shots. The A2 is a beadless cousin to the A1 and will fly just slightly less stable than the A1. You can expect and extra 30 to 40 feet of glide than the A1.

The all new 450 Plastic combines various plastic technologies to produce a top-end result. Building off of our signature 400 Plastic, it provides a tackier grip, stiffer feel, and a slightly more durable composition. This plastic looks amazing, with its glossy finish and crystal clear color. 450 Plastic will be exclusive to special edition releases and in limited runs. This release features eye-catching Glimmer specks molded into the plastic.



Release Date June 22, 2017

Diameter: 21.0cm

Height: 2.0cm

Rim Depth: 1.3cm

Rim Width: 1.4cm

Min Weight: 170g

Max Weight: 174g

Stability: Over Stable