Prodigy StrikeZone Disc Golf Target


The Prodigy StrikeZone is an advanced, PDGA approved, practice target to help hone your putting skills. Built from the same high quality materials as our professional targets, the StrikeZone is extremely durable and catches extremely well. It features a 10 outer chain configuration with 30 welded rings that connect 30 horizontal chains.

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  • Weather resistant, powder-coated finish to tough the elements
  • Unique chain configuration. 10 outer chains with 30 welded rings that connect 30 horizontal chains to enhance catching performance
  • Built in wheel on base
  • Hot dipped, galvanized steel chains
  • Weight: 45.8 lbs
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction
  • PDGA Approved
  • Easy to transport, as pole is constructed of two parts

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nice basket,good quality,but need's stability in better hardware.

My only issue with the Prodigy Strikezone was in getting it stabilized with the hardware get the basket stable,and not to wobble,I had to fabricate several "shim's" that I inserted in all 3 area's alongside the chain rack,basket,and base........all material's (except bolt's) used in production appear to be of first-rate,top notch,heavy-duty
construction. The one thing I'd like to see improved relate's to Mr. Almost Perfect's statement........the side set screw's need to be improved along with thicker bolt's,which should pass thru cross-drilled hole's in the pole for the chain rack,basket,and base which,in my opinion,would greatly reduce or eliminate any wobbling or unsteadiness,and would also prevent the basket from pulling-apart (pole coming loose,out of base) when trying to move the basket around. I'm also purchasing the Dynamic Disc's Marksman basket,along with the Latitude 64 ProBasket Skill,and will decide which style I'd like to purchase more of. The Latitude 64 Skill & Marksman both appear to have cross-drilled bolt hole's which may make them more stable,no wobble. If the Prodigy Strikezone basket is improved with better hardware and more stability,I'll strongly consider buying more.

Almost perfect.. Almost.

The only complaint for me is the installation hardware needs to be upgraded in my opinion. I have the green version for hole 9's basket at the Barbarian Stronghold. I hope prodigy will fix the problem with some side set screws and thicker bolts for the people who do want to mount them permanently.
We also Need More Color Variations. I now personally I would buy 2 more if they came in a lighter blue to match the rest of the course.

Top notch

I just received my strike zone basket today and this basket is amazing quality and durable. I was putting on the basket for about an hour and I miss so many putts but I think that it will overall help my game in time. I will definitely be spending more time with this basket so I can improve my game on the course. I would highly recommend this basket if you habe the patience and are wanting to improve your putting skills on the course.